I can _feel_ something is not right here but can’t quite point my finger at it.

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    It's like a head crab...

    You can't see it but feeeeeeel it very much
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    To be fair, ora is quite liberal. So this webinar doesn't surprise me.

    Apple or Microsoft making such webinars would be more ironic :)

    oracle or ibm/redhat - ... Not that much, really. They have their extras on top of what's freely available, but can't say I feel their [as vendors] lock-ins.

    Not talking about their unix boxes though. That's a different, completely proprietary story, where you'd void a server's warranty even if you farted near it w/o being employed by them.
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    @netikras https://fd.nl/ondernemen/1319877/...

    Oracle is one of the worst companies. They also did some nasty license change for recently. Java making everyone liable by just downloading and using JDK from their site.
    Some of the tech is really good yet the company that I'm working for has finally been able to rid itself of all things oracle.

    We obviously are not alone in this so this hurts the business. The no lock-in image is good for them. Both oracle and Google try to do this and try to make it a key selling point compared to AWS and Azure
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    @hjk101 as I said, ora has a lot to offer on top of what's freely available out there. Oracle JRE and JDK is an extension of OpenJDK. If you are not using oracle JVM's speciffic features, feel free to use the Java's spec implementation - OpenJDK. If you prefer to stick to ora-speciffic features, then.. Well.. Pay the price.
    Java is not bound to Oracle. Java is just a spec. There are plenty implementations out there, like OpenJdk. Or use IBM java. Or Azul. Or graal. Or other javas available out there.

    FTR OpenJDK is usually more than enough. Unless you really really need vendor-speciffic features
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    @hjk101 ora is one of the worst? Let's see.. No other DB, commercial or free, can beat Oracle's performance [and you have the free XE]. They have contributed greatly to the freely available Java. Their support is really good [at least unix support]. Their OCI has really good ideas under the hood.

    Yes, I agree, they have bought and killed some decent projects/companies in the past. But as a company, they have contributed and created a lot
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    Disagree. Oracle bought companies. Then mostly led projects "go on on their own".

    OpenJDK is a great example. Many of the work required for *Oracle* JDK is done by OpenJDK.

    Same for e.g. MySQL. Percona is the quality assurance, as Oracle just nuked the official channels for communication.

    What Oracle excels in is selling other people's effort as their own (regarding projects they bought).

    They still contribute a lot to the overall Linux / Unix ecosystem, yes.

    But many of their actions were ... Highly questionable.

    Turning MySQL 8 in a rolling release where each patch version can break stuff is one of those questionable decisions...
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    @netikras I said they have some great tech that is not why I call them bad it's the shady shit they do like I mentioned as well as @IntrusionCM points out.
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