With this new manager joining, it's like the full circle of idiots is complete!

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    The Chaotic Clown Circle?
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    Clowns, assemble!

    Full reatard mega zord, self destruct!
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    I heard a new manager trying to push for jira…


    I am ”blessed” with 15 years of consulting. I’ve experienced jira in a bunch of other large and really large organizations. It does not solve problems. It really does not. Unless you have NO support, stick with the one/ones that you have and focus on building autonomous teams with true power and mandate.

    Allow for horizontal and vertical roles. Hire competent people and have a clear horizon to gaze upon.

    Allow for friday off and show and tell hours! (Senior backend: ”look!! A button I have made! A BUTTON! Look at it in all its glory!”)

    And most of all, if you are not having fun. Leave. There is a lot of jobs out there if you are serious about software.

    Be careful out there… ♥️
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