Ugly(beautiful for me) fact of remote working: I asked for a highly deserved raise. Manager said I should be concerned for my job safety rather than raise. I couldn't get the raise but I increased my hourly rate in another way.

My salary didn't get a raise but my mood had.

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    You get what you pay for
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    In such cases, mb it is better to start looking for another employer.
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    also true for office jobs. people have a thousand ways of giving zero shits
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    That's your cue to find another job that pays better. sounds like he hates to admit it but he's going to either pay more now or later, losing devs costs money, and onboarding new ones are expensive depending on the project. if you're really feeling confident and have another job potentially lined up, ask him how much it will cost to hire a new dev. if he says not much the project and him weren't worth working on in the first place. if its a decent chunk then you can negotiate a bit and call his bluff.
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    @darksideofyay the negative side of the office work is you are still in the office.
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    they should fire you pedo ass. :D
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