I am currently in the works of designing, building and extending an CRM/MRP system for production lines.

But for some reason I cant seem to find ANY modern sources, papers, books, forums, threads for context on this topic. It’s as if this topic doesn’t exist.

(One thing to point out is that there are sources for business wise analytics but am looking design wise)

I am starting to think that i am not googling it correctly (what a boomer).

Do you have any magic sources, captains of devrant?

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    Question is : Do you need sources ?

    If the Topic does not exist (happens for me too)

    well just create the thing you need.

    It feels good when after making something, a company ask if they can use it because the solution is better than what they came up with.

    (I use a 3rd party software to dev in. And they like the way I do thinks. Those are thinks nobody did in their software before)
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    @bigmonsterlover Man you giga chad. I have asked chat gpt the most useless questions and dumped it. It just never occurred to me.
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    @bigmonsterlover that’s what my initial thought was.
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    @Grumm Well before touching a keyboard you need to design and think of every possible aspect of it.

    Or at least have some kind of vision for it.

    Sources help you brain storm 🧠 there is no parthenogenesis is software dev. Everything came out of something or extends something.
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    @KALALEX Well yes and no...

    The person who invented the wheel or other inventions. It is not like they had some kind of source.

    But you can take a similar problem and adapt to it. Anything that exists on the internet, there is at least 1 person who came up with it. It is not like everything was already written in stones
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    @bigmonsterlover Well i guess i broke it
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    Material requirements planning?

    You must love pain.

    The problem with MRP is that its primarily a workflow problem.

    Dunno how I can formulate it better - but in a nutshell, MRP is mostly integrated in "some" other software.

    Has been a longer time since I had to do with the topic, so I might be out of date.

    E.g. MRP is usually a small piece of ERP.

    If you have a stock keeping / inventory system, you usually have some form of MRP integrated.

    Its hard imho to only focus on MRP - as MRP has to be integrated into a larger perspective to be successful.

    Correct me If I'm wrong, my knowledge might be rusty or I misunderstood your intent.
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    @IntrusionCM No pain no gain.

    Well you are spot on. My research for this forbidden knowledge keeps going to a direction that I really don’t like and I really don’t want to come to this conclusion which is one of the following:

    1. Everybody have their own custom implementations for their specific workflows. While integrating with some ERP (vendors)

    2. They use some kind of basic MRP feature provided as is by some major vendor which sells them consulting for customizations.

    I really don’t like the fact that there are no(?) standard(s) for this area.

    It is starting to look like uncharted waters.
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    @KALALEX it's indeed muddy.



    Whenever I interacted with any kind of stock keeping, ERP or stuff like that, I deactivated my emotional processing system first.

    Otherwise I'd be dead.

    Most of the software going in this direction is a 20 years plus old "giant"...

    Mostly made of poo.

    I had never serious contact with SAP - but I think it would be the same....

    Even terminology can be "completely" different.

    And yes - most of the time the client / consumer either starts begging and paying for customizations (like DLCs, only worse) or they start "Frankensteining".

    As in writing bridges between different software to add in the missing functionality.

    These bridges are usually the worst.... As there is rarely a good API on either side, you have two shitty APIs and transaction handling that needs to work reasonably well.

    :) Which is mostly like a trip through everything hell has to offer.
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    @IntrusionCM I never worked with SAP but a friend is a consultant in SAP and yes, it is a frankenstein thing...

    We are still on Dynamics AX 2012 R2... In a few years we have to make a pick between AX 365 or business central... What a nightmare xD
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