Me : *trying to download latest version of android studio*
Google: "Your client does not have permission to get URL /studio/index.html from this server. That’s all we know."
Me: *googles: دانلود اندروید استودیو* (which means download android studio)
*and downloads it from a random website*

It happens every goddamn time, why the fuck i can't download this shit !? Because these countries are fighting each other all the time! What did i do wrong in my life? I just want to download your fucking app to write another shitty app to continue my fucking life. I don't know shit about this wars happening, I'm just a dev like others all over the world.
Downloading an app, is that too much to ask? Well fuck you then.

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    Feels bad man
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    Gotta love that page title though :P (look at the tab)
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    Gotta love vpns ^^
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    @LucaScorpion Translation : appleapps | the reference of tutorials, apps and news for iPhone, iPad and mac
    (If you mean the first tab)
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    @Alireza6677 I think he was referring to the (Forbidden)!!1 😂
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    @fcatarrinho well, that was confusing 😂
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    Use a VPN???
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    That's messed up. Really fucking messed up. Don't imagine it getting better for you any time soon. US Senate just passed a bill to increase sanctions on Iran. Messed up.

    Fucking insecure nationalist cunts.

    (On both sides. Iran govt appaently banned blog sites like Medium?)
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    You have to understand its not Google's fault though. Your anger is misdirected.
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    @burmesepornstar Yes, you right.
    Goverments are insane, on the both sides. and it's really bad for normal people like me. :(
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    Yes man so frustrating, living in Iran and all is 403, just because goverments are fighting so the whole citzens will get fucked too, I know your feeling, when I was in Syria, we didn't even have Syria as a country when registering some US-Based service.
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    @Alireza6677 try TOR or a VPN, that should do the trick ☺️
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    If you are smart, these things wont bother you. You will continue. Fuck the government, fuck these conglomerates. If you wanna survive on this planet, learn to hack people and system. So you have two choices : either bend to fucking system and do what they intend you to do or hack their system. By hack i mean "exploit their plans" not actually. But latter would be fine too.
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    Isn't it just because you're using a mobile browser?
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