Tell me what tilts you the most when you are talking to a recruiter or HR personal. I will start;

Them implying that money should not be important when I am changing jobs- so I can accept their lowball offer.

STFU biatch, I am good at this profession, of course I will go to higher salary or higher comfort or a combination of both. I am not running a charity here!

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    and then I reread it as 'tell me what tits...' and start thinking : how come I missed that... and at the same time already ++ed o.0 ... :D
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    telling u @netikras, they use similar words on purpose ;)
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    I dunno *if* it would actually be a job with real significant positive impact on society it might be valid reason to accept lower salary. But those are rare among dev jobs and Definition defnately not the ones advertised by recruiters.
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    After they say they can't pay as much as a small raise from current job

    "So salary is the only reason you wanted this job? Not for our goals?"

    If your goals were so valuable you'd have enough money to pay a bit more than my current job
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    @pandasama i was lectured because i didn’t accept pay cut like 2% compared to my current job, with classic “ money isnt everything speech”…
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    @aviophile bs as usual
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