While attending a class for mobile app development a couple of months back, the day the teacher (T) unveiled the class project:
T: You must build an Android app. You can do whatever you want.
T: Don't overcomplicate though. For example, online servers won't be valued!
T: But don't make it too easy. For example, don't make a tic-tac-toe. That won't be valued!
T: And remember, you must use device sensors, like the camera, GPS, accelerometer ...
T: But don't just throw the sensor functionality if it doesn't make sense in the app you're building. That won't be valued either!
T: You have one week to think and send me a proposal.
Me: What the fuck do you want me to do then?

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    An offline app that uses a sensor. there are quite a few out there.
    Think of a megnetometer, or a wifi network detector. Maybe a game that moves something on screen bc of aceleroneter.
    object recognition using the camera.

    Quite a lot if things..
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    An app in which you can test whether all those snsors and other things are working 😂
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    @magicMirror I ended up doing a GPS/track recording/offline maps app. It was a plus 1 for me, as I'm an off-road raid organizer. Even though I couldn't finish it it was a lot of work.
    But Android development is cool!
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    @miguel91 This project sounds stupid... sorry let me rephrase that, your class instructor sounds stupid. Easy and hard are relative terms.

    Although ++ to you because you made something which you can utilise in your off roading hobby. :)
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    How about an AI with all of the sensors? Like a talking tom but better. We all need friends.
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    How about a volume slider (well changer) that depends on your current wifi connection strength?
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    Take Ingress or Pokémon Go as inspiration. There are all elements you need.
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    Just use App inventor... Make a geo location app or a compass
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    Why didn't you make an app, which only activates, if the user is running and then watch your professor run around to debug it 😉
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