what do you listen and using what kind of services while programming? Share your playlist if you got one

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    Usually 80s music and some newer stuff on Spotify. I like hard rock, hair bands, and classic rock. My user name is actually the name of my fave guitarist.
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    anything on this playlist. everything on here has 100+ play count on my Google Play Music profile. Especially the 2 Breakmaster Cylinder songs. I tend to listen to one song on loop for hours...

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    Depends on the mood I'm in. Lately it's been a lot of country of Taylor Swift radio. 😂 I mainly use Spotify, unless the latter, which she obviously isn't on there.
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    Explosions In The Sky or classical music. I get into music with lyrics too much to actively pay attention to the bugs im coding.
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    Noisli or various playlists on Spotify
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    A collaborative rock coding playlist was set up here: https://open.spotify.com/user/...

    Follow it, add to it, whatever but please do keep to the genre, so no rap/hiphop/rnb/dubstep/house/garage etc
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    Dubstep, metal, binaural beats... Anything without understandable lyrics. Bass and drums to drown out the background.
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