Can you really trust the security features on your device?

Can you really verify that no one is looking at what you're doing all day, in your house or out and about?

What if I am the one looking at your naked ass right now?

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    I would commend your good taste
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    you like my ass that much?
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    Anybody who buys nest is an idiot.
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    I try to not aim my phone's camera or any other camera to my naked ass, just in case somebody is watching
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    > What if I'm the one looking at your naked ass right now?

    Me: *winks with my butt hole*
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    Easy. Just randomly ramble at your phone saying you are gonna n blow up the white house or something.

    Stream the swat team raiding your place and they'll implicitly admit it 😂
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    1. It is possible to remotely infect your device, without any interaction on your side. And grab all your local data, access your saved logins, and grab OAUTH tokens. Then activate the microphone and camera remotely.
    2. You keep sending picture of your ass to random people on the internet for some reason. Please stop.
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    finally. help me find this damn pimple, will you?
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    can you really trust _any_ software you haven't completely compiled yourself?
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    Eh, if your into my ass we need to have words, but since I'm sitting on your face right now, make the most of your time would you.
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    @cafecortado THATS why I can never get any good angles 😖😒😔
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    @C0D4 shall I pull out the toot trumpet? 🎺
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    On my Gentoo i actually can be pretty sure that no one is watching or listening. The software is pretty hardened. And the USB-Hub has power buttons for mic and cam.

    My phone is untrusted to the point that i even disabled the lock screen.

    That said, if you actually mage to do so, you can look at my naked fat ass whenever you want, honey.
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    Just ask ChatGPT. Or Siri.
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    @tosensei @Oktokolo but do you know the compiler is not infected. These days (and it has been these days for a long time) it is impossible to do anything without relying on something that someone else has made. Including software in the CPU and motherboard and other hardware. Even though I think Gentoo is very secure, you barely read any source code that is compiled. It's super simple to add patch to the ebuild with malicious code (if you are a maintainer).

    I find it better to look at incentive and practicality. Streaming all this takes a lot of cell data and storage. To commercially use it it would even cost more. I think that to make use AI models on the devices is more practical and have only the useful info send. That costs compute and power resources on the (mobile) device.

    I don't trust the smart home mics though perhaps I'm paranoid but I think that they could send a lot of things by accident or cam be useful commercially by doing targeted bouts of streaming of a certain demographic.
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    @hjk101 > can you be sure the compiler isn't infected

    i've actually toyed with this problem myself! i've been working on a build system to be used from read-only media that takes widely-archived, ancient *nix install media and uses that as a base for bootstrapping a modern system from source code. it's easier to detect older malware, so it should be easier to ensure whatever base you're using is clean.

    there are ways to defeat this, of course, but it's the best idea i've got. there's not really an easy way to tamper with a CD-ROM of Unix from 1994 (or whatever you've got on hand, really) unless you've got a time machine, after all.
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    @hjk101 No. But mitigating that risk wouldn't be worth the cost as i literally would either have to spend my entire life on it (compiler isn't enough, you also have to audit every source you compile - and keep up with updates) - or actually fully airgap my systems (which would be super inconvenient).

    If i would be part of the Iranian anti-invasion-insurance effort, i would definitely care a lot more about that though.
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    Subscribe to Patric Warlde. This guy knows stuff.
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    But I'm clothed
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