Been lurking here for a while. Finally pissed off enough to post.

Been programming in Ada for nearly a decade now. One of the few younger devs who knows the language well. Have a large collection of libraries and tools written in it, open source. Done contract work. Looking to get out of my current line of work, which is medicine, because fuck this recent legal climate. I'm spending all my time dealing with legal compliance and it rapidly changing.

I see a job posting from a company looking for a programmer to mostly write testing stuff for clients. They mostly work with Ada. I've written a whole unit testing and integration testing framework. Perfect. Apply. "You don't have the required skills." Oh... K then.

Wanna guess what I was just offered as contract work. Same company. I guess i'm fucking qualified if you asswipes sought me out to ask me to fix your fucking bullshit.

What the hell is wrong with management and HR in recent years?

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    Man, I've been there. Those HR don't know shit.

    Welcome to devRant!
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    If it makes you feel any better, the company I work for (which is pretty large) just shit canned taleo. Good to see that garbage company lose a client.
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    @ninjatini I actually had to look the up. My experience reading security stuff basically has me triggered every time I see the word "intelligence". How the hell "talent intelligence" would ever make sense is beyond me.
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    @Letmecode cuz we are not as successful and/or lucky to get offered jobs 😂😂😂
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    @pk76 yeah taleo is notorious for turning away applicants if their resume doesn't include all the keywords from the ad. That's probably the system which sent you the rejection letter in the first place. It really is a garbage system.
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    @ninjatini Ah, I read about that, just not named. DoL investigation into the "hiring crisis". Was overwhelmingly just stupid hiring practices and arrogant applicants with horrible social skills. Now I know a company to avoid outsourcing to.
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    @sladuled Has nothing to do with luck. I was contributing to open source projects and leading some, for years before I found work. Companies want work experience. There's little barrier to entry in this field if you actually do it.
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    @pk76 the lucky part was not meant for you, didn't mean to smaller your achievements..
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    @sladuled Did not mean to imply you were belittling what I have done. I meant it as advice for securing work.
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