More computers, more better... I think I'm acquiring GAS, don't tell my wife!

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    Maybe more carpet too?
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    quite a lot of Hardware for a minecraft server
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    @spongegeoff it came with carpet, but it wasn't installed correctly and full of mold. A renovation is in the backlog. Right after more RAM, CPU, and SSDs.
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    @thebiochemic harvester as in an HCI cluster, not the Minecraft pack!
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    @lungdart Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) cluster specs and software used?
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    @gitstashio it's all old hardware and I don't remember every spec, so I'll guesstimate here

    4u server:
    Custom built supermicro board. Xeon e5 hexacore. 32gb Ram, 4x 4tb hdd, 4x 512gb ssd

    Hand me down gaming pc.
    Some sort of ryzen I believe
    16gb Ram
    250gb hdd

    HCI software is rancher harvester. I chose that because I like k8s.
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    What's GAS?
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    @retoor Gear Acquisition Syndrome.
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    @spongegeoff he used that to get rid of the wife when she found out how much money he spent!
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