Now, this is a cringe.

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    Maybe the dream job part of it but otherwise I find it cool
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    I find it ok.
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    No array elements of career opportunities?
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    Adds like these are what companies do when they want to stand out from the competition without actually offering anything more to their employees.
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    I've seen worse
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    I mean you even distributed their ads here. So it is doing what it is suppose todo. Spread the word and even hit the target audience.

    Jokes on you man!
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    @KDSBest oh don’t cone to me with that bullshit. I called it cringe, and it is double cringe because they think it is cool.

    Not every publicity is good. Some advertisements are talked about more and reduced their revenue because it missed the mark.
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    I actually like it. It's targeted at people who know what json is and isn't making an attempt to seem relatable and fail

    The ones that write pseudo code is a lot more cringe to me.

    The first couple of them that came on the Internet were fun and clever.

    Now they just break up a sentence and sound like toddlers.
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    @zvyn thats probably the biggest motivation to join this company to fix it
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    @zvyn oh shit it's not?

    I'm stupid and can't spot it.
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    @iceb JSON doesn't allow trailing commas.
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    @hitko ah right. gotcha
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    @aviophile some? You mean about none right? Also don't u think you overreact to a fact?
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    Roboten - where even HR codes
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    @aviophile It don't matter if they hate you if they all say your name.
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    At least this one is syntactically correct.
    I think.
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    I concur, it's a la cring.

    - "Fully remote" is not even a location, nor does it need to be explained that "remote" is already full remote.
    - If ma dude's gonna embrace JSON5 with trailing commas, at least do it with passion: remove those quotation marks on keys and make it more readable.
    - Feels like an anti-advertisement: suck up to the current employer so much that you don't show real work to others and resort to eye-catchy The Matrix movie thingabob.
    - Not monowidth font! Trash.
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