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    More like Gentoo
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    Nah, more like Arch.
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    @lithiex How so?
    With arch you atleast have manjaro and others as well as a packagemanager that doesn't require compiling everything from source.

    Granted you do have aur and packagemanagers for it which will build things from source.
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    With Arch you build your system from packages. With Gentoo you have to build the parts itself.
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    Both Arch and Gentoo have "base system" package that after installing will be ready to use. You also have GUI packages that are easy to install. You definitely don't need to build linux from scratch in those distros.
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    This applies to LFS really
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    @irene Here's a book on how to build a car...
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    I am I the only one who has a problem with the 2 year oil filter?! That just hurts me... 5 month or 5,000 miles (if you run Synthetic)

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