You always need to remind yourself that where you began :)

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    What's the configuration?
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    That's where my journey began.
    On an Intel Pentium 4
    256MB RAM
    80GB HDD
    14inch screen
    64MB vga which I don't recall which brand 😅

    My first start was on HTML and Windows XP with DreamWeaver
    My website had flash buttons 😅

    Then I left to VB.net
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    Mine started with a
    Pentium 1 MMX 233mhz
    128mb ram
    20gb hdd

    I used to code on quick basic as a kid back then. Such nostalgia :)
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    My first PC was a 486 dx4-100. 8MB RAM. 1GB HD. Video: Trident 9440 1MB
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    We got a Tandy 1000SX when I was 8 years old. It had an 8088 CPU, and 640k of memory. I wrote in BASIC on it, with adapted code from the "basic training" column from 321 Contact magazine.

    I played lots of Space Quest(1-3) on that.
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    Some day when machienes turn against us or all modern devices fail for some reason - those will remain. Forever. Eventually you'll save the world with that.
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    @gsharm5u Same here
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    @justwellbrock Taking down skynet with a commodore 64. That will make for a great story
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