Ugh... those feels when your 2 year old gaming PC is already falling way behind on benchmarks and handling games. AMD FX sucks so hard.

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    your amd fx pc is not 2 years old, you just bought it 2 years ago
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    Me: What are you talkin' bout?
    -gtx 970
    -i7 4790k
    -16GB ram
    From 2015, runs newest titles on high!
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    My amd fx chip is from 5 years ago. Lol. The rest of my parts are from 2 years ago.
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    @JFK422 Rocking the same config and quite happy with it!
    I'm eyeballing a new one, though, but 4k€ with monitor is hurting my wallet...
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    Hahaha, try my 7 year old GTS 250. Haven't played a AAA title released later than 2013.

    Now that I have a job though, I'm upgrading part by part. Just need a CPU, mobo, case, ram and GPU
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