I tried to unsubscribe from an email list and it says “Please allow 10 business days for us to process unsubscribe requests to be processed.” WHY TF do you need 10 BUSINESS DAYS?? I UNSUBSCRIBED 3 DAYS AGO AND YOU’RE STILL SENDING ME YOUR DAMN EMAILS.

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    Write them an angry email 🤷‍♂️
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    somebody is manually entering sql commands on the other side 😐
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    It's an excel spreadsheet, or sticky notes.
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    And it should be illegal. They must have an unsubscribe function, working without Javascript to remove you from their mailing list. This is ,in the EU at least, law even before the gdpr.
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    Scumbags gonna scum
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    They outsource their ad campaigns to 3rd parties and don't have the tools to update an upcoming campaign.

    Also they don't care.
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    they say it takes [as long as they're allowed to] to make sure they can send you the highest possible amount of spam before legally having to finally stop.

    which keeps some worthless "KPI" on some Meaningless Middle Manager's performance chart high _just_ a little bit longer.

    which, statistically, keeps said MMM's bonus just a tiny bit higher. multiplied by [how many peoples lifes they make worse by annoying them with spam].

    because we're all just fucking stupid ferengi at heart.
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    Mark as spam - not your problem, exactly from the moment unsubscribe request was submitted.
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