Once upon a time some masochist woke up and snorted a gallon of glue. "I NEED PAIN", he shouted, and then proceeded to hammer down his own cock over an iron anvil, in an effort to uncover the most intense pain a human could experience. And yet even such a punishment was not enough, for our pain-starved hero thirsted for even higher heights. "This hammering can't satisfy my spirit", he proclaimed; "I shall find ever greater pain than what little solace these tools can provide, but it's much too hard a task for a single mortal to complete in one lifetime. And lo, I will gather around me the bravest and uncover the intense sorrow no human has ever experienced before!". And for his journey he found himself a loyal fellowship, all striving to find the ultimate pain a mortal can experience.

"But who could be crazy enough to follow a glue-fueled schizo who hammers their own genitals?", you might stupidly ask. But why, the JS community of course.

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    @ostream I spent some 30 minutes crafting this dumb tale in a foreign language and you literally destroyed it with a fucking google search
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    @ostream I can understand a use case for these in C++\Java, but for JS it's unjustifiable. It's literally events, except they are retarded.
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    @IHateForALiving Events in JS can't be mapped, replayed, merged, paired up with the previous value to easily compute deltas, and if you subscribe after the event has been emitted it's gone forever. All of these can be individually fixed a million times for each event in each codebase, or you can follow an event abstraction that doesn't make common things difficult, such as Rx.
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    The central problem is that in JS an event is not a thing. It exists only as a particular pair of object and valid first argument to addEventListener. This makes working with the event itself a royal pain in the ass. I also have a library to fix this which doesn't really change anything else, called mini-events.
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    10/10 certified rant
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    RXJS™© — For Those Who Found React Too Damn Useful.
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    this one is so easy to top. just imagine trying to develop windows desktop applications
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