god remind me to never work with an education software company again

first, they didn't even know my course has been done for months, like, does anyone look at what your company produces?

then, they completely change the intro page and wording, have to reado that, its anyway a wall of text which they probably smugly think is good for SEO, *WRONG*, if every page is formatted nearly the same with some words swapped out you for sure are PENALIZED, not rewarded... clueless clowns

and NOW, I need exactly to-the-pixel dimensional images????? wtffffffffff

all for a course that *MIGHT* bring in something like $500... *MIGHT*

I mean for these courses it's more important about giving back and helping the community, but asking this much paper pushing busy work bullshit that you know won't even amount to an hourly wage north of something like $2... it's just not worth it anymore

never again

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