DevOps is a huge scam.

Whoever sold companies maintenance-free cloud is God-tier marketer, they would be able to sell fire extinguishers in hell.

First, the platform is constantly moving, keeping up with all the updates for Kubernetes/CNI/Ambassador/Calico/kube-proxy/wtf/foo/bar/etc requires a huge team constantly peddling the boat; and if not updating in time - eventually everything will suddenly break when AWS deprecates old Kubernetes version (1.23 in EKS has just 1 year and 2 months (!!!) of support) or whatever else. At least they don't deprecate services that often.

Second, all other tooling either suck, or expensive as a Boeing. DataDog/Splunk/NewRelic/Grafana? Data centers were built for the monthly prices of these tools not so long time ago. But, capex vs opex, what stupid software engineers knows (though, it's hilarious to be present on a meeting with an agenda "reduce cloud costs").

That's all really.

On the bright side, when the team is solid and really care about the product and build it in a cloud-first manner (with understanding of all the requirements, caveats and limitation) - it can be rock solid, stable and fast platform.

To bad it's incredibly easy to implement some impressively wrong architecture (much more easier than f'up single-server architecture).

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    Idk why anyone ever bought cloud
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    Ckoud is FUD on steroids.
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    OP, you nailed it

    It is a constant battle and keeping things together and up to date is a monumental task.

    On the bright side, if you are good at it and you can make lots of $€£¥
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    There is only one good thing that DevOps way of working brings and that is the automated test/deployment philosophy. So you can always deploy changes in a controlled and fairly confident way.

    The whole ecosystem infra as code, cloud and container stuff is not needed for this.
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    Devops was supposed to be a bridge between SWE and SysAdmin.

    Instead they have sysadmins access to cloud resources and called it a day.
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    Management stops listening once they hear the word “automation”. They assume Automation means less people, so anything that is automated helps their budgets. They of course don’t realize that all this automation comes with labor consuming toolsets mentioned by OP, so ultimately you wind up with more people or forcing your employees to donate their time (unpaid overtime).
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    Can we please keep it like that? Or worse? I like the fancy restaurants a DevOps salary can afford
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