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    Remember this one?

    Yesterday I got promoted which is great, I know that I’m appreciated.
    The job is really good, I enjoy every day at work..

    My darling, my love, my car (I named her Monroe)..
    In the Morning i got promoted and in the evening I fucking blew up her engine..

    I think it’s the balance in the universe.

    I think I never enjoyed any car as much as I enjoyed her.
    Her smell, her bitchyness, her looks...

    I hope she’ll Rest In Peace.
    Gotta find something that compares to her now which is gonna be a challenge. I used to drive her every evening and every Friday night, Saturday and Sunday, that’s how I spent my personal time.

    Many of you won’t get me I guess.. cars are my hobby, my passion, a very important part of my life. For the last 5 years used to own at least 2 cars at once, now I own 0..😔

    No idea what I should do with my free time now, there’s nothing I’m Passioned about besides cars..