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    Tomorrow I will be on a long train trip again so here goes!

    My last train project is and people seem to enjoy it. Every time I am mentioned in a rant related to it people also mention the idea of a similar application but for in the terminal. So I intend to build that tomorrow.

    To build the best thing for you I want to ask you some questions:

    - What operating system are you running?

    - Why (or how) would you like to use a devrant terminal reader?

    - Why would you NOT want to use a devrant terminal reader?

    - Would your use-case required obfuscated output? (Hiding it from someone)

    - If so, what formats do you use on a daily basis or are you most comfortable with?

    - Anything else you would like to mention or for me to consider?

    I will be developing the larger part of this tomorrow, but the sources will be made available to the public.