I just found out my parents have less than $30 in the bank by the end of each month after all expenses...

We are not living. We are barely surviving....

Every day in my house it is dark and the lights are off. They turn all lights off in order to avoid getting a high electricity bill. I have to use my phone's flashlight as the main source of light in my own house, as if i live in abandoned cottage in the middle of a forest.....

Both my parents are jobless (have been their entire lives). They just borrow money from their family members and grandparents to pay these bills every month. They depended on luck their whole lives. A luck in context of "maybe if i dont work anything at all then a huge pile of money will fall down from the sky!".

So now I, as their son, have to grow up in extreme poverty and fight my way up, because of DUMB, STUPID people. They are good people, but what does being a good person bring if you are fucking stupid and valueless?

I knew i was poor but today i found out i was THIS poor. I had no idea we were THIS much poor. Because today my 4g internet got cut off due to not paying bills. The bill is $30. My dad cant pay it cause he doesnt have $30 in the bank. I was in shock. So i had to pay it

My $8.125 usd an hour backend software engineer + DevOps engineer (2 jobs in 1), is considered as LUXURIOUS SALARY, in the most corrupted country of Europe -- SERBIA 🇷🇸

When i tell the world i make $8 an hour with a computer science degree working as a software engineer, they laugh at me. People mock me "bro even a mcdonalds worker earns $17/hour what are you doing" im doing what i was born into -- born into poverty of a third world shithole country.

With my $8 an hour salary, i am in TOP 3% of the HIGHEST earners in serbia. Can you fucking imagine how miserable lives do people live if this is not even an average salary, but among the ELITE salary? Because the average salary in Serbia, is $3.75 usd an hour, sometimes even less than that.

When people say "its not about luck its about hard work", please, GO. FUCK. YOURSELF.

Go and be born in a shithole third world country. Now on top of that be born in poverty due to poor decisions of your parents. Go ahead and try it. Lets see how hard you fucking have to work to get to the same level compared to someone who was born into for example America, where you get paid 6 figures immediately after graduating computer science. Or on top of that, you're born in a wealthy family in america. Did you work hard to be born in the 1st class freak show or were you LUCKY to be gifted such life?

My whole life i have been fighting to get money and escape this misery due to poor decisions of my parents.

Very ironically, my parents have lived extremely luxurious lives in the 90s. They had 5 cars. 1 huge house with a backyard garage private office private jacuzzi private gym. This house was worth at least 500k in the 90s. Today this house would cost at least 1.5 or 2 million. They went to luxurious travels. Hotels of $5000 per night per person. Literally wasted 45k in 3 days just for hotel. They even GAVE AWAY FOR FREE money to our relatives and cousins, taking them on luxurious vacations for free etc. None of those people appreciated them, none of them came to help them in tough times, everyone forgot about them and abandoned us.

Like i said, my parents are good people, but what does it profit being a good person if you are FUCKING STUPID.

They were extremely LUCKY but their STUPIDNESS has made them broke. I couldn't be THIS much fucking stupid even if i tried hard.

Nobody is coming to save us. No one cares. Its all up to me now. All the pressure and stress and poverty is passed and inherited onto my life now. its up to me to either get rich or end my STUPID bloodline

I am living a very difficult life and no one seems to understand this...

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    Cool story, bruh.
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    For serious now: is this real?
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    @kamen its real
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    @kamen I want the whole world to learn the dark truth about Serbia and not sugar coat it or lie. I want people to understand what is the standard of life in Serbia. Misery and poverty, while ironically, an average car you see on the street is a Porsche. Because criminals know money laundering and doing shady stuff here is very easy due to government allowing them, helping them or not giving a fuck
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    You got my sympathy in regards to life being difficult, even if my situation is very different: I've never been poor and still my life has been mostly a mess. Maybe because I was always c̶o̶m̶f̶o̶r̶t̶a̶b̶l̶e̶ not poor, I never learned the right lessons.

    What I wanna say is: Learn from mistakes of others if you don't wanna repeat them. Such as living above your means (which I am guessing might be a reason for going from rich to broke).

    And if you consider your country a shithole without prospects and safety nets, consider working on getting out. As a dev you got one of the easier paths for that.
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    Props on identifying a generational problem and choosing to not contribute to that.
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    @Demolishun how am i not contributing
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    @b2plane by working.
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    @Demolishun but i am working
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    @b2plane I said you are not contributing to the problem. The problem seems to be generational. As in you are choosing a different path from your family. By working you are choosing a different path. That is why I gave you props. It is hard to do different than what we are taught.
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    @Demolishun no one ever in the history of my family, parents grandparents and generations behind me, has ever went to college. All of them only have highschool. My dad barely finished even highschool. Dad cant even speak on english and doesnt know how to spell even the basic english words. Only my grandpa (who died over a decade ago) was an electrical engineer. He was very intelligent and always got inspired by Tesla, very good with math, but he also never went to college. He was the best chess player ive seen and i never managed to defeat him in chess. He taught me how to play chess and today i am very good at chess thanks to him. Other than him nobody in my bloodline is nowhere near intelligent as him or me.

    I am the first individual in my entire bloodline who went to college, and not just hulululu college but the most difficult engineering college in the country, finished it and got a computer science degree.

    And i am the only one who has to fight to escape from poverty
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    Yep, we are the future of Europe
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    Have you considered moving to an English-speaking, but poor country?
    Except for India (a software engineer can make, like, USD 2.25/h and they are as plentiful as rice). But have you considered Nigeria or Barbados? Plenty of places that you will hardly be making less money. You won't be rich, but at least you get to be poor on the beach.
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    @jestdotty parents gave money away for free and took to expensive vacations for free but only to other family relatives such as cousins, godfathers etc. But not grandparents. Now only grandparents are helping from their pension fund, while all of those family relatives ran away
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    @JsonBoa I make 15 GBP an hour living in India. I know so many developers that don't even make a third of what I make.

    OP suffers from a victim problem. He can't get out of that.
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    @SidTheITGuy 15 GBP an hour but 3 hours a day, right?
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    To be honest your pay in Indonesia is considered high too. In this country you can found someone to do a job for like 8hours for just 5$ or less. In my country 8$ is about 1day average people earn.

    Well doesnt want to compare since every country have diff living cost. In my counrty 300-400$/month is already good
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    @SidTheITGuy Indian MPs make less than GBP 25/h. You're on the very high end. Nice!
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    @JsonBoa 25/h gbp is over half a million per month in my currency.. in 2 months im a millionaire basically
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    Do you know what happened? Like how did it go from that to this?
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    @TheBeardedOne i said it in the post. They were spending money recklessly and brainlessly. They invested $0. They only spent money.

    How did they earn such fortune? They had a business, something for printers of papers i think back in the 90s when the internet was just starting out or didnt exist, or was terribly slow.

    Ever since the age of internet has started taking over from 2005 and onwards it has slowly suffocated their business, since everything they could do people could do it on the internet, faster, cheaper, easier.

    Because they werent up to date with the market requirements and trends the internet and technology era has punched their business to the ground, and 2008 global economic collapse has completely killed their business, leaving them in -$75,000 bank credit loan they owe to the bank, which due to interest rate they had to pay a total of around -$150,000 USD to the bank credit loan, or else the bank will take our house and we go homeless
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    @TheBeardedOne 150,000 USD is over 16 million in my currency. They were in complete debt and had 0$ in savings due to reckless spendings and no backup plan. Back in that time my mom got breast cancer and dad started being an abusive alcoholic always beating me out of rage for going from wealth into complete poverty within the blink of an eye. Dad also cried bcz of mom having cancer and not being able to earn money to pay off debt. He wanted to suicide. But our close relative (godfather) came to talk to him. It was late at night. I was a kid. They thought i was sleeping but my dad was crying in front of the relative telling him "look at my wallet i have $2 and thats all i am left with what am i supposed to do". He literally had $2 left. That scarred me so much i remember it to this day. Maybe this is why i am so obsessed with making money -- because i experienced horrors of poverty from a very young age. It traumatized me
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    @TheBeardedOne it took them over 15 years to pay off the bank credit loan and save our house. They had to keep borrowing money.

    Today, we are still in poverty, with the only difference that we're debt free...
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    wow still have 30 by the end of the month, I only have less than 1 left :(
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    @b2plane that sucks man
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    Adversity is a God's gift. Thanks to it you can become stronger, and grind harder.

    You've got this, legend.
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