How to get instant motivation and lazer focus on my coding? Do you know any trick? I know that brain fog requires a healthier lifestyle, but believe me i do a lot of that ( yoga, hikings, arts). I want to be able to grind on the computer like ten years ago, or find energy like playing rocket league ( which happens in one moment). I seek for a dirty hack, bene gesserit style.

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    @saucyatom if i have cocaine already no need to work for money please be logical and serious
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    I have it too, it’s been going on for a few weeks
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    wait, you guys get motivated?
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    i asked for a simple focus technique, and one is still living in the covid frenzy fear and the other is looking for drugs. OMG. And not , not looking for motivation looking for focus
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    @gatoMalicioso You literally wrote
    > How to get instant motivation and lazer focus

    Instead of derailing into how instant solutions might not be the most sustainable ones, I gave you a reasonable answer – stimulants in general do work quite well for what you asked. I thought proposing one of the more extreme ones would make it clear that they're usually not a proper (long term) solution.

    Proper solutions depend a lot on the cause and that can be difficult to figure out.
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    @saucyatom yes, but does the word "legal" is a joke for you ???

    also, are you sure that cocaine is suitable for this kind of work and not for social interactions?

    i also gave a hint "bene geserit style".
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    @jestdotty tell me the countries where cocaine is legal...
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    please try to answer with a more globally mindset. not all world is america or england... here even the drug addicted folks do not know or use meth etc.

    To put an end here, i would love to hear more about some "wim hof" like techniques and not these craps.

    If you can concentrate immediately on a video game, sure we can make the same without these magic pills on serious stuff. we just need to find how.
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    @jestdotty yes but yoga requires a lifestyle and you need to go elsewhere to give an hour to do it properly. it has long term effects and i practice it .

    i require something like emergency button of focus. meditation would be one thing, as you can do it instantly on your chair, BUT , i would like to explore some specific technique , this is why i ask for ideas.
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    @jestdotty wim hof seems a good advice i check it out.

    still wonders me through why opening a video game instantly gives us energy without moving a finger.
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