The end is near.
I threw together a devRant content saver just now. It's rough, but it works:

save your rants and pics until it's too late.

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    btw, you can probably ask gpt-4 to convert it to python if you don't want to install Node.js. It's good at converting code from one language to the other. It's just one file anyway

    Python should come out of the box with your OS unless it's Windows
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    Did I miss something? Why is devrant dying?
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    @mr-user weekly rants are no more. moderation is (almost) no more. dR++ is dead too
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    @mr-user devRant is abandonware at this point. It might just go down at any moment. Also, switching dR++ off might be a way to wait until everyone's subscription runs out to then shut down the platform

    because devRant is just a website, you can just go there one day to find nothing but “goodbye”, with all your content gone. Dfox is under no obligation to offer you a backup of your content.
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    dfox is aware of the ++ issue, wasn't intentional apparently. https://devrant.com/rants/10556168/...
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    @atheist good to know. But still, the platform had seen better days
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    Sad 😞
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    If moderation is dead does this mean i can spam porn
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    Feature request: Add the ability to also download the comments (+ with media) of each post of a user.

    Otherwise we only have the posts but without comments a huge part of the memories are also missing. At least for me.
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    Flipping scammers trying to coerce devrant into malware @dfox @trogus
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    Riiight, @dfox && @trogus
    Shadow banning is great, init
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