nice, 10k reached before sidtheitclown! (that’s all that actually matters, heh)

so, yes, as promised it’s me… chris from chris’ full stack blog.

I think kiki knew this, as I used to be called fullstackchris… though very briefly... don't know why i was ever worried about the old clowns i used to work for knowing my identity here

i’m a host of react round up, and also an ex-futures trader (that life is / was hidden on Twitter), I’ve recently quit because I’m ALSO still building 4ish SaaS products including The Wheel Screener (wheelscreener.com) and CodeVideo (codevideo.io), over my LLC, Full Stack Craft (fullstackcraft.com)

oh yeah, and on top of that i have a full time job in Switzerland (read: not poor boi 38 or 40 hour work week, 42 minimum)

so yeah, its a fucking lot of shit to do and sometimes it’s too much! glad i have this place to vent

so, don’t be too harsh on me… really, 99% of my bitterness comes from the approximate 5 years of my working life (2018-2023) were taken from me by lying business folk type who actually didn’t know what the FUCK they were doing or talking about, even after promising me they did (at two different companies). Listen, I’m all for people telling me iTs a RiSkY VeNTuRe; i get it. But if you say everything is rock solid (like funding, my future employment, etc.) and it is not, then fuck you; you’re just lying to my face, it has nothing to with management vs employee, engineer vs. non-technical - you’re literally just a *bad person* (sorry, mechanical engineering genes and honesty to the core - sue me) To be sure, I was partially at fault - too optimistic, and too gullible, and I’ve have since learned my lesson. but still working on it. (obviously)

but things are look up - my company is running better than ever, the current job is great with insanely smart people

In the end, it’s always the hardcore engineers who are the most honest, hardworking, respectful, and the best to work with - you people know who you are…

Until then… see you in the next rant!!!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

Dutifully signed,


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    I fully expect @retoor to slide into my DMs now 😏
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    are you not aware of what has happened to me in the last week?

    btw i've already got @retoor on my side, because she's a real one.
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    wait so no face reveal or linkedin? scammed lol
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    @SidTheITGuy cool, using irrelevant drama to get subs
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    @kanyewest I leave that exercise up to the reader
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    @fullstackcircus you're just jealous of being a pathetic loser
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    @SidTheITGuy though to be fair, if you were shitting on the scam gurus / marketing hype teachers, i also fully support you

    so sick of their dumb ads
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    @fullstackcircus wow ... u agreed with me. Did we just become friends?

    See you got 10K here and I've got 12K there... what's there to compete for anymore?
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    @SidTheITGuy aren't you going to prison and getting you account deleted by YouTube?
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    Hello SaaS friend. What are you using for analytics? Please don’t say Google analytics.
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    @SidTheITGuy 250k views, 6k subs from one video, that's insane
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    @fullstackcircus dont take sid's followers seriously. Tbh I'm actually responsible for ~a dozen of them. People don't just follow on socials for the reason the followed people intend. The followers of sid that im responsible for are there for comic relief (seriously, sparked a big enough convo that we had to create some new groups/threads as to not spam elsewhere).

    While i don't really follow accounts (when I do it's often via scripting not the actual platform... im weird), i see his content in a similar light to an insane psychologist i had to deal with near a decade ago for an insurance req'd psych eval b4 surgery. It's so bad it's amusing. Dude's name is Ross Halpern, hes pretty easy to find on YouTube.

    Tbh him and sid are extremely similar now that I'm thinking about it. Both make videos of their chosen profession that are ironically proving their ineptitude in said profession. I must admit that sid is more charismatic, but if you look the guy up youll see the bar is very low.
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    @awesomeest i mean, this is what i've been trying to say since the beginning, basic lavarel configuration and shopify videos *could* be useful for a moment for the random searcher, but its only true bosses who put out lesson by lesson and detailed senior level content. but who am i to say? after all, i'm just a 🤡

    the worst though are those guys who comment broadly on what is "right" and "wrong" in software... but it's clear they've never shipped software in their life... there was some scrub i kept getting recommended videos for, and it always felt like it was more of an entertainment twitch stream than any actual youtube educational content
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    As i tell any babydevs... Unless it's a big organisation like w3, trying to learn via yt vids is a bad idea.

    It's like the saying, Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach. If you think about it, it should be common sense. Good/great/skilled software engineers don't tend to make vids (unless they created something remarkable that needs explanation)... cuz why the fk would an engineer want to take multiple times more time to rec/edit/etc a vid on something theyve already done, instead of just building the next *ooooo shiny!* thing that pops into their head?

    The screenshot is a review i came across while looking for ebooks for babydev. It's of an O'Reilly book for php, mySQL and js for novice web dev. OP was french but the translation is pretty accurate. Unfortunately we live in a reality where 'devs' think that not explicitly teaching frameworks warrants 1star. Reminds me of the bs i found on sid's git for laravel.
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    @awesomeest says the 877 updoot idiot. imagine building your world view around a cliché phrase... thats all we need to know about your opinions...

    trust me, i've worked more than you have in your entire life and i've been in all shapes and sizes of firms - from old school boomer industry, small software companies, small startups, medium size eNtErPrisE and everything in between. just because there are people hustling out there to make courses as a side job, doesn't mean tHeY cAnT. I've seen the "guru with 100 hours of overtime" so lost in their 9-5 they can't see the forest from the trees anymore - and are NOT better than any other coder.

    sorry i'm not sorry, stuff like this really pisses me off whenever a scrub like you comes around to put people down when all you are (i dont know, but guessing) is a 9-5 scrub. nothing against 9-5 folks, but when a 9-5 scrub puts down people who do extra work / side hustles / saas, fuck you. i'll change my mind when you try it yourself.
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    @fullstackcircus if youre assuming im the 9-5 scrub then youre seriously mistaken. Just fyi, ive never worked a 9-5 of any kind. I even tried getting a typical shit job when i was 18/19 (in addition to my beyond full-time job as a remote consultant, translator and chat host for an int. gambling company) just for that shitty 1st job exp.

    Nowadays i have my own business(es) including a blockchain tech start-up. My 'schedule' is so nonstandard that my smartwatch often assumes there's a connectivity issue cuz the devs didnt write in a redundancy like checking if the heart rate was properly recording during the, assumed disconnected, period lacking sleep data.

    Honestly, it's nothing personal. you're free to have whatever seemingly under informed opinion of me. Idk your age or experience enough to directly declare that my exp outweighs yours, but ive been in computer repair, dev and networking since I was 8 (nearly 32 now) so im typically the one with the extensive xp dick to wave around.
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    @fullstackcircus all of that said... if you have anywhere near the xp you portray/i assume, and want to compare histories, id likely find it quite amusing.

    I'm not trying to suggest that i have some ultimate level of authoritative knowledge/ability here. I'm very aware that i have weak points, especially when it comes to formatting shit so other humans understand it. Hell im so shit at commenting (no valid frame of ref to what normal people see as simple/basic vs complex and req explanation) that i was trying to use chatGPT to comment but it kept calling me legacy and doing crap like changing my explicit if/if/if.../else to if/elif/else blocks, trying to sneak in lambdas (i have an unnatural disdain for lambda) or adding redundant variables/logic/general bloat that i gave up.

    Im basically a cranky old man(or a dino) that's easily annoyed by most new crap, especially frameworks i didnt build, anything req whitespace/formatting and/or lack of static typing.
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    > cranky at new tech

    > runs a blockchain startup

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    @fullstackcircus not cranky, just easily annoyed. It's mainly stuff that's redundant without valid reason and/or the crap that's created to support ignorance/stupidity/unwarranted laziness on a mass level. It's most annoying when the previous, totally functional, system is replaced...

    NetworkManager on linux. It's way simpler to just use network scripts.

    Lack of a directly functional power button on computers.

    Windows replaced the ability of a universal admin account with a pseudo admin role that takes several steps if you actually want to run your scripts or use the system, especially without constant 'are you reeeeally sure' prompts.

    My new fridge that starts beeping by default if the door is open beyond a few sec.

    Nearly every available managed switch(incl 64 or 128 rack mounts) having some "smart chip" instead of simply using basic scripting.

    Basically anything that's automatic by default-- OneDrive/any cloud crap, updates, startup repair, tags/brackets, etc.
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