israel population = ~10 mil

uk population ~70 mil

popular vote uk = 0

popular vote israel = 325

huh?????? i finally believe the conspiracy theory... there is total bullshit moving through the undercurrents of international society. actually the entire media and everything on the planet is shifted by angry retards with an IQ of approximately 27 who read something on twitter and therefore they must of course conform and do it

rich hands of influence reach far across this modern world....

my twitter dies on wednesday, I think i'm quitting this platform too... i'm just so sick of wasting time 'discussing' with people who literally have informed their entire lives by sources of media that all have an agenda, and yet said reader can't recognize that. go to bot school you fucking 🤡

also inb4 eurovision is a clown event, i know it is, but the fact that 'israel' as a country was for a good 10 minutes at 1st place of the vote is simply mind boggling to me (and to be fair, switzerland, france, israel, portugal, and croatia acts in terms of art and musical talent were all shit IMO) but what do i know? apparently the 700 mio people who live in europe don't agree - but even then, who knows anything about anything as to the actual 'numbers' that are posted on these 'votes' - could all be fake, or, even worse, the entire WORLD could be fake and i'm just typing to a fucking reflection of my own conciousness on this box

ach i'm very close to just turning it all off, its just rubes on top of rubes, derivatives on top of derivatives all more retarded than the next, and each night

then i get people like kiki who rage at me for getting drunk, then 'brag' they ran 5k. i ran more and drank more than you today, get over it.

i didn't need pills to do any of it either.

or i get sid the it kid, who gives non ironic lessons in fucking PHP 😂😂😂😂 in 2024 on youtube, and yet acts like he's a badass because he pointed out a 'redundant' 'const' in my code 😂😂😂😂 actually i don't know why in the first place i listened to any of it... going my own way has ALWAYS been the best way

by 2030 i will sell my saas(es) for 500k(+) and wonder why i even gave clowns on this platform the time of day

you know what? fuck it, it's been fun devrant, as of today i become a hermit, sick of this planet, and these apes

read books, go running, learn math (or any skill at that matter) and stay calm.

i can't describe in words to all of you how much a fucking abysmal waste it all is... just build useful stuff that helps people. the enormous (and trust me, it is absolutely eclipsingly enormous) discussion about everything around everything else is truly and utterly mind numbing and time wasting to the absolute core


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    goddamn masterpiece. wouldn't want to go out any other way
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    There is every year some "eurodrama". This year just was more wtf than usual (Netherlands being disqualified, etc...)
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    @cafecortado o, ofc

    Netherlands decided Israel was commiting a genocide

    so now Israel flexes who owns Eurovision I guess
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    Lots of normal people voted for Israel out of protest against the far lefty anti-semites that sadly are the current political status quo

    I frequent a 4-chan-esque website which the average normie would call "far right" (it's not) and A LOT of people posted images of them voting for Israel out of protest lol
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    Anyway, I've read first non binary ever won the contest? Ofcourse, mental disabilities were not mentioned before when winning a contest. Non binary is were I draw the line. Also, the Trans with the beard was also not my thing. Songfestival is kinda paralympics
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    @cafecortado eurodrama better than europapa. Wtf, what a shitshow. We've sent our weirdest guy
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    Finally I've read whole rant. Nah, you're staying clown. You're part of the club
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    You can’t vote for your own country so the UK population in regards to the UK vote is irrelevant
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    There are several articles trying to statistically explain the high amount of Israel votes

    The major theory is that there weren’t many standout songs - so The Palestine supporters vote was spread among many countries. While the Israel-supporters all voted for the same.

    And the theory is some were annoyed by the booing of Israel and voted for that artist in sympathy
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    > read books, go running, learn math (or any skill at that matter) and stay calm.

    Amen, brother.
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    womp womp butthurt little shit crying over the past.

    It's actually funny how you can't seem to get over the past. Well, but then, you named urself fullstackcircus so I guess it makes sense.
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    > It's actually funny how you can't seem to get over the past

    Look who's talking.

    Can you get over the past yourself? With history and with people? :/
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    who are you, again?
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