They really put an end to the whole digital nomad trend quickly don't you think?
How many developers do you know that can still do that?

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    I know at least one that still does it. And Im thinking about trying it out since I WfH all the time anyway
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    what do you mean they put an end to it? how?
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    All devs at my employer can wfh any time they want. Workations is also an option, only have to agree with the client [might be some geopolitical nuances]

    I haven't worked from the office for 4 years now
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    They did?
    I've been full WFH since 2020.

    I can go into the office if I need to, but beyond that it's like 99.9% optional.
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    Glad to hear it's not happening to everyone than. My bad
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    I frequently travel while working
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    wfh for life
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    I dunno, it’s easy to have that perception if you read US tech news but
    My experience (in Europe) is that we had more people than before being allowed to move to entirely different places and become remote. Mostly senior though (we would not hire a junior dev who wanted to be remote)

    Any my college friends who call themselves digital nomads are still travelling around as they always have

    - their notion is that it is easy to get a short time consultant gig as a remote worker - but some companies would want you to attend some office meetings in person if you want a long term job
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    oooh the news

    the news tells you what you should do

    not what is happening
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    Nobody put an end to being a digital nomad
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    @jestdotty careful, they might flush you outa the matrix.
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    @jiraTicket for me it sounds like you guys are still extremely lucky. I'm also in EU and it seems they are only posting jobs that are hybrid with 3 days WFO.
    In other words, everyone please hang on to WFH and don't apply to jobs requiring WFO if possible
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