Unpopular opinion: I actually tend to not use adblock as much recently, and think its reasonable to have non aggressive ads on websites, and support content creators. Also, people here that show zero tolerance policy towards any advertisement are really interesting to me to say the least.

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    Now if only those ads didn't track my every move on the web, make excessive use of my resources, and waste network bandwidth.
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    I go beyond aggressive filtering and use adblock to remove comment sections, zergnet link blocks, and overlays. I’m happy to pay for an ad free experience if it’s an option, but in the end I am tge captain of my ship and will decide what can and can’t appear on my screen.
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    unless theyre google ads. gross.
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    - Each ad provider plants cookies I have to then remove manually.
    - Each ad provider tracks me across every site they are used on.
    - enough drops in a bucket can give the providers useful data to un-anonimise me from the herd
    - sites that have 100 ads around a paragraph of text can suck my dick.
    - sites that run ajax requests in the background at a rate of 100 loads / second can suck my dick as these are only polling ads to ramp up impressions.
    - sites now using coin-hive to destroy my cpu can suck their own dicks.
    - why should I have to load a shit load of unneeded resources from a website for them to profit?

    Yep not finding any reason to turn off the adblocker here.

    Small sites with 1 or 2 ads that don’t get in my way and are their to generate some revenue to pay for hosting costs are they only time I’ll turn it off, or fuck if they have a donate button on a utility I’ll drop some $$ on that.

    But throw me overlays, popups, and a ad to content ratio not worth having, then no!
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    @C0D4 this is understandable
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    The ad model we experience today is in some places is soo intrusive that reminds me of some episode from the series Black Mirror where you have to pay to skip adds.
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    @C0D4 this

    As soon as an ad tries to track me it's a no go for me.

    How many ads track me usually? Oh right.... Every single one of them does, in some way.
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    Sometimes i see those banners "please deactivate your addblocker" and then i look at the topright corner of my browser where ublock tells me it is blocking 216 things on this page... So no.
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    I am among the people who have a zero ad policy and block everything I can. I have also quit watching TV because of the loud, intrusive, poor quality ads they air. The only place I still hear ads is the radio when I am driving, so usually I'd tune in to Spotify instead. I think advertising is a filthy business with the ultimate goal of _tricking_ you into buying or using something. They always show a polished view of things and obscure reality. When buying, I rely on recommendations, word of mouth and reviews.

    I do support content creators, though, if they offer an alternative option for me to help their finances. I pay for premium ad-free editions/versions of things when available. For example, on Android apps.
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    @Nanos Skip button? I guess I haven't been watching TV for a VERY long time then.
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