Hey there everyone :)
I am struggling with my next career steps and hope you can help me with your opinions. So I finished my IT School (HTL for German fellows) this summer, I am 20 and don't know if I should start working or studying at a university. Most of my friends start at a university because they say you will have problems in your future career without a bachelor title. Maybe you could give me some advise so I can make the right decision :)

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    What kind of job do you want to do?
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    I don't know about the German work market, but in France, the situation has come to a point where you require at least a bachelor's degree for pretty much any position.

    Many here will tell you a degree isn't what makes you qualified for a job, and there's truth in it. But for employers, a degree means the place where you studied has made sure you were qualified. It's that much less effort for them, and unless you have other things to show how qualified you are, most won't expend the energy to check for themselves.

    I think if it isn't too much of a burden, you should go for a degree: it'll make finding a job easier and also help you to get better salaries.

    But while you study, and especially during your internship if you have any, make sure to befriend your superiors: the best way to find work is to have someone vouch for you, networking is key.
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    @plusgut I want to be a backend developer because in my final exam (diplomarbeit it's nearly the same as a bachelor) I programmed a backend in c# and really enjoyed it :)
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    @CptFox thank you for your comment I hear this a lot in Germany that a degree is the key for a well paid job but I already getting job offers as a junior developer and I don't understand why someone should hire a guy with degree instead of me with several projects made at a company I would work for?
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    @KontraK So you have already worked for that company ? Check if the salaries for the offers you have are competitive, some companies (especially consulting in France) like to prey on young adults who just graduated and run towards their first job without looking at the market by making offers very early, but with relatively low salaries.

    But if you like the jobs you're offered and think it pays enough, you might as well start now if you feel ready.

    A degree isn't THE key to good employment, but it helps. It's a good way to get more time to think about what you want to do, and if you manage to get a useful but rare mix, it can grant you leverage by differentiating you from others.

    I'm a degree hogger, I have an MD and an engineer's degree, and I'm working towards a PhD, so of course I'd tell you degrees are useful.

    But they aren't almighty, and many here fair very well without, so don't let people tell you a degree is a must. Do what you want to 🙂
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    Are you based in Vienna? We could grab a beer and talk in person :p

    I went to a HTL as well, started studying but ended up pausing/stopping when I switched to work full-time.
    Now, 13 years in the workforce, I encounter the first doors which are harder to step through without a degree. Management, or even leading a team, is easier in Austria (and even more so I other countries) if you have at least a BSc.

    If you want to work as soon as possible, don't start studying, if you still decide later that you want to get a BSc or MSc you can apply for a stipendium (e.g. After 3 years of working, Selbsterhalterstipendium).

    If you want to study first, I can recommend to fully dive in and finish it as fast as you can and while your parents support you. TU (assuming Vienna again) is not too party-friendly and doesn't offer IT as part-time studies.

    Oh, and: A degree will get you a bigger starting salary in most jobs, yet you can also get it with work experience. But if you compare with a colleague you will learn that a guy with a degree and 3y experience earns more than guy with no degree and 3y experience.
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    @hawkes beer sounds great :) How about tomorrow?
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    @KontraK sure! 🍻
    Wanna add some way to contact you to your profile or tell me your district to narrow the pub selection?
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    @hawkes my wickr ID is kontrak and yes I am a fan of Mr. Robot
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    devRant. Connecting more people than Nokia.
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