Tinder experience so far

Girl: "hey, what do you do?"

Me: "im a programmer"


Me: "and you?"


Me: "... hello?"

*Suddenly unmatch*

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    Dang I thought everybody knew programmers were the best people.
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    At least you get a match..
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    @Maxeh positive thinking always haha
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    See that is your fault:

    Her: what are you?
    Me: computer scientist **you can also say software developer or software engineer**

    If you study to be a chef or you work as a chef would yo dumbass say that u is a cook? FUCK NO NIGGA titles are important and no female wants to be with a cook, they will sure as shit go out with a cheff or a software engineer.

    Sell yo ass high.

    **drops mic**
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    @AleCx04 hahaha as much as i agree with you, there'll be a alot of questions about it.

    So i rather explain that in person. Worked with the few i got to go out with
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    @ericksm3 maaaan you can always flirt it out when explaining to them.
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    My Tinder experience:
    -Few matches
    -Very few responses
    -Not sure what to write in bio, I study software engineering and watch Mythbusters, not that exciting, huh?
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    Me too thanks
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    @mossesandberg few matches is better than 0 though
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    This is why we need a devDate.
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    I would unmatch only if you mention php developer.
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    @DuckyMcDuckFace that. is. brilliant.

    A qualitative dutch tech news website I follow (tweakers.net) of course attracts loads of geeks and nerds. They had this same brilliant idea: they teamed up with a horse news and fan site (loads of lonely girls there!) and set up a dating site together. They released it as an April's fools joke, but it was real and worked and it brought some nerds together with pony girls. I believe it was called Bix & Bytes (Bix being some horse snack or food, I think).

    So. DevRant, for those who seek love and can't find it, a devDate site could be built for devs. It could offer other dating sites integration API's so it would be easy to connect with devDate!
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    @ericksm3 if she doesn't appreciate, or merely isn't open to you being a programmer, she isn't worth your time and dedication.
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    @eeee you're so right...
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    noun: artisan; plural noun: artisans

    Bullshit with absolutely no real meaning.
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    This is so accurate. I am programmer and designer / artist both at the same time. A long time ago I tested girls responses regarding of whether I am "designer", "programmer" or "artist".

    Designer = 10 points out of 10
    Artist = 8 points
    Programmer = 1 point (maybe because of money in IT)

    Well now I am just "designer" in girls eyes everytime.
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    She doesn't know what she's missing!
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    @DuckyMcDuckFace so do we get to set technical interviews for perspective matches?

    Like, if you don’t know how to sort a binary tree, I’m not interested?

    Sounds like a good startup to me 😂
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    The most effort that should ever be put in Tinder is "bundle exec ruby TinderAutoLike.rb"
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    Oh, speaking of Tinder. Am I the only one who swipe left because the bio is written with wrong character encoding? 😜
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    Lol I get the same, but I'm a girl :D
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    @AleCx04 that's funny ^^
    and sad and true at the same time.. I would like to believe people are not that superficial, but titles really help a first impression in business and as this post suggests, even for potential love interests.
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    @arminiae i would normally hope for people to not be that superficial but I can see why it would make sense to chose a partner with a certian social and professional status. As cruel as it sounds...but I can really see why.
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    I have zero matches :(
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    Say you're a software/game developer. The slight word change makes it sound more appealing.
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    Add programmer to your bio and you won't even get a match
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    Own it.
    Destroyer of Jobs, Godfather of A.I
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    You can also joke about it if you don't want to sound too pretentious.
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    “I build mobile apps for a living, a.k.a I have access to all your boss and that bitch’s secrets, come own me before I’m owned by her.”
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    Girl is undefined
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    @mossesandberg the Tinder algorithm is trash. Way overly-complex for something that should just be a straight matching system. Instead, it places users into "stacks" based on their perceived attractiveness level by the community, which is based on how many right swipes they get. "More attractive" people get put into a stack with other "more attractive" people, and "less attractive" people get put into stacks with other "less attractive" people and bots. Of course, their definition of "attractiveness" is totally unsupportable, because lots of people just swipe right on everybody (which also hurts your stack placement)
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    I had the opposite experience myself. I noticed that putting "Engineer" in my profession field resulted in more messages from people asking "What's a Software Engineer," "What do you work on," etc.
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    Some girls like developers ;)
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    Just try "f*ck marry kill". It's available as a web app and in the Play Store. It's super fun and you get tons of matches in the process. I had in my bio that I was an Engineering student and my avatar was a picture of me with my Scout uniform and I had like 60 matches in a little more than a week so it works.
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    ....ah shit, didn't even get a match to be able to answer that :(
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    Tinder is shady as fuck tbh
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    Similar experience:
    Girl: "What kind of games do you program?"
    Me: "no no, I'm a gamer _and_ and programmer"

    Tried to change my bio afterwards to prevent the same thing from happening. Not like it changes much in the end given how verbose it is.
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    Devs tend to be intelligent. Most have great sense of humour is my experience. Intelligent + humour = witty. What a waste.

    I guess the girl prefers meatheads. The next question would've been "Do you work out?" Fuck her. Oh, right, that was the point. My bad 😁
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    You need a better RegExp
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    dafuq, I should remove programmer from the bio
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    Add "Computer Engineere"
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    "hacker" d be better. All the coolness and glam you want. Though girls might think you're going to hack their FB account 8)
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    I've just had the same experience last night. I've recently installed Tinder and had my first match yesterday.
    Me: "I see you're a product manager in a software company. Do you get along well with programmers? :)"
    No reply. Unmatches.
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