Why is it that a lot of developers don't have the most basic of Windows knowledge? For example, a lot of people complaining about Windows Update. I mean, it's just a setting you can configure and a service you can stop and turn off..

It all sounds ironic.

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    Point is that it is ridiculous that Microsoft removed a simple button to do it.
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    @mrtn There is the choice to disable them temporarily (for a set amount of time) or to configure them to only run at certain times. This proves useful when you are at work and an unforeseen reboot is not a good idea.
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    I have laptop with Win 8. I configured it to not receive windows updates a long time ago, and guess what? Windows still forces me to update from time to time.
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    @Paulinsky I just stop the Windows Update Service at that time. It can force all it wants on me but it can't do much if the service is turned off. It's good because I don't have to force reboot.
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    I kinda agree a bit. Because, yes it has it's problems, but we're developers. There are ways around this sort of shit.

    So yes, it does seem silly.
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    If you check for updates yourself regularly, you'll have a better windows experience. At least that works for me. I like to think that if you delay updates for a long time, it's basically starving your OS of food.
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    @zlice They don't know how to manipulate the OS' inner workings then. Again, lack of knowledge.
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    Theres too much legacy shit laying around on windows. I always have to bounce around the 5 different settings managers to figure how to tweak things. It doesn't feel like there's a standard way to do anything. And when things go wrong, they try to hide all the logs and error messages from you to "provide a better user experience".
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