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    10/10 would implement
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    Uninstall it.
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    @perotti tbh it would deters users, instead of making an incompréhensive terms that is legally correct and make sure every case is covered, just make a quick summary:
    -you agree to give us your data so we can sell it
    -you canr use our software for anything besides our specific uses
    -you are responsible for your behaviour and such as we collect everything we can help the governement or anyone to sue you more effectively.
    -dont expect us to give you anything in return than basic service and only if they are available.

    With that you got pretty much everything covered
    (Oh btw ik why your comment but still wanted to write smthing long tonigh)
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    I mean if it would at least say "I have read and agree to" but like this...
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    Lmao that is fucking creative
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    *comes back to the app 20 mins later , without reading a word*
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    You can't tell me how to live my life.
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    That would be hilarious! Cause we really do take T.A.C for granted. I'm sure my soul is owed to someone upon my death lol
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    Try me ...
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    What if I have read it in another installation and want it on a second pc?
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    Considering that those end user licenses are not legally binding in part or total in some countries this function sounds a bit illogical
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    I would enable that button with SendMessage, muahaha.
    Nobody forces me to wait for twenty minutes, bitch!
    Oh, loading screen...
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    This totally needs to be enabled if the user is a lawyer. Dunno, disguise a "what's your profession" a few screen before.
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    Meh, I'm gonna change the time of my system, it should probably break this "feature".
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    What if i'm robot? where is apologies?
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    Ok, let‘s show a window with all the terms and force the user to scroll to the button at the end while limiting the speed.
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    Well, the checkbox says 'I agree to the terms and conditions.'
    I do not have to read them to agree to them. So the wording is bad :o
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    If you try to install VirtualBox extension, then you'll get something similar experience. You can't click on "I agree" directly, you need to scroll down to the end of the TNC, then button will be active.
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    Some app I installed recently didn't allow me to install until I scrolled all the way down...
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    @Emphiliis This is actually important. You agree to the terms and conditions. If you didn't read them first, then that's on you.

    No one actually cares whether or not the user has actually read the TnC.
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