Users and Bosses.

I honestly don't know who is worse, the end user or the boss.

The boss thinks all you do is click a button and everything just works, so everything should take 30 minutes to complete, why on earth would it take a week to do something?

The user seems to think every tiny idea is the most important thing ever to add, so they tell said boss it must be added, and boss normally agrees.

I get it, Marge (Fake name), adding in a copy button because you're too dumb to press ctrl + c is way more important than updating the security after a Ransomware attack.

No boss, I can't add in 30 new things and make sure the security protocols are updated all before the meeting in 15 minutes.

If you think it's all so easy and just pressing buttons, why did you hire me? Anyone who can read and press a button should be able to do it....

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    To be fair our job became very easy..
    except for some badass jobs there’s no complexity left on a daily basis.

    The reason it takes time is just the quantity of what has to be done, not the complexity..

    I feel like the last „mainstream“ area where it was challenging is fintech, even there it’s not what it was 10y ago anymore..

    Rest api here, rest api there, some boilderplate Logic to it et voila, it’s done.
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    @just8littleBit Fair enough, though I stand by the most complex thing being dealing with people who don't understand the sofrware, but want things done that actually has no relevance to the software.
    Such as a dispatch app for insurance, where a call center agent wants pictures of the vehicle being dispatched, which isn't at all relevant, they all look exactly the same except the number plate, which is on the system.
    This would just make load times longer...
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    Actually. Code is easy, but complex. Because you need to understand the problem to solve and make an extra effort to understand what client actually needs.

    Code is a nightmare when you need to integrate with code made "on the run". And basically that's what make you lose the most time.

    And that's why you can estimate a HU with 1 point. But explain why you need 1 week to retrieve that HU.

    Also, good luck with that bad boss
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    @Marks7e I still find coding enjoyable, and nightmares are just new interesting challenges, I honestly have issues with communication with people if it's face to face, so something I should work on, especially when clients want things that contradict or don't know what they want, my people patience is thin... Oops.

    Lmao, okay, you don't need 1 week to retrieve an HU, it was me being me and over exaggerating due to frustration.

    Thanks, he's not actually that bad, just too eager to please clients and higher ups without thinking about strategy, time lines and priorities, in accordance to what's actually possible to achieve with 3 devs.
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