Dear recruiters,
if you are looking for

- Java,Python, PHP
- React,Angular
- PostgreSQL, Redis, MongoDB
- AWS, S3, EC2, ECS, EKS
- *nix system administration
- Git and CI with TDD
- Docker, Kubernetes

That's not a Full Stack Developer
That’s an entire IT department

Yours truly #stolen

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    If that included business analysis, then it would be full stack.

    However, it's a nonsense concept. A fullstack engineer does the job of a full department for the pay of 1.5-1.9 engineers. They're paid relatively well, but they never see the sun.
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    What was listed isn’t really much of an ask
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    Sweet, new job title!
    "Entire IT Department"
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    "Hey IT, I need your help!"
    "I'm not IT, I am THE IT!"
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    @Jilano I think this guy said it best.
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    Generalists have their place, but they're not two (or five) specialists for the price of one.
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    Back end job listings requiring intimate frontend skills 😥
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    I swear to fucking god, if I see this posted one more time this week...
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