Y’all fcking kidding me right.

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    Check the box and move on. Time is not a measurement of experience.
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    @SortOfTested I can’t agree enough with the latter.
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    They're working on time displacement machines so that their requirement actually makes sense.
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    "And management" << this is what they are really looking for.

    Just apply and move on, HR don't know what they put into these ads half the time, they were probably told they want a manager with 12 years + experience and they need to know kubernetes.. hence your slightly deformed sentence.

    Welcome to the real world, where nothing makes sense when you take it literal.
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    Funny how the requirements for a data scientists/security/analyst post are traduced to a list of incoherent devops/sysadmin tasks.

    I'd skip this one
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    How 'bout slapping this in their face? Sound good?
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    @molaram nice template, buddy!
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    *Creator of kubernetes applying for job*

    Them: so how many years of experience?

    Creator: 6 years of experience.

    Them: that's not enough.
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    @molaram you're posting this (mostly) everywhere! 😄 Support your point though.
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    My be they are close to the event horizon where times slows down
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    Omg have some respect. This job description was probably written in a rush by some poor creature that can’t see a difference between “docker” and “swagger”. They’re all just the same cryptic words to it. It was scared, surrounded by douchebag managers that ask for things that cancel each other out.

    Please don’t be so hard on them all, it’s difficult to work in an area where you understand nothing, and double digit iq makes it even worse
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    Waiting for the funny comments from 2026...
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    @molaram <beavis>
    hehe hehe hehehe
    assholes to the wolves hehe
    wolves rule! RULE!
    hehe hehehe
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    @MeadCoder the total state of google 2020.
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    Just change time of your laptop while filling this form and you are good to go 😛
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    Well i just thought that i should apply with a 23 years experience with K.

    Fun part is, I'm only 21 🤣
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    Jokes on you. I write every YAML file 3 times so I already have over 18 years of experience.
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