I just released a tiny game for iPhone!

It's basically an attempt to mix 'Heroes of Might & Magic' and mtg.

In the screenshot my terminal says 'helloworld.cpp'. That's right, this is my first c++ program and I don't care how crappy you think this game is, I'm super proud of myself!

I've always worked in data science where managers assume I know how to code because there's text on my screen and I can query and wrangle data, but I actually didn't know what a class was until like 3 years into my job.

Making this game was my attempt to really evolve myself away from just statistics / data transforms into actual programming. It took me forever but I'm really happy I did it

It was brutal at first using C++ instead of R/Python that data science people usually use, but now I start to wonder why it isn't more popular. Everything is so insanely fast. You really get a better idea of what your computer is actually doing instead of just standing on engineers' shoulders. It's great.

After the game was 90% finished (LOL) I started using Swift and Spritekit to get the visuals on the screen and working on iPhone. That was less fun. I didn't understand how to use xCode at all or how to keep writing tests, so I stopped doing TDD because I was '90% done anyway' and 'surely I'll figure out how to do basic debugging'. I'll know better next time...

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    Oh right, I should probably post a link (I'm an expert at marketing)


    Also, here's a pic of my cat posing as a card in the game.

    Thanks for reading this!!
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    Proud of u lil boi
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    @bagfox 'sniff' thank you sir!
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    Holy crap you actually did it
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    Stunning work, mate! 😍
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    Daamn dude, that's nice! Well done!

    If you liked C++ take a look at Rust, you might like it as well. It's pretty hard at first but it pays off. It's as fast as C++ but the compiler won't let you make mistakes (like dangling pointers, for example).
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    Good job! Better than any Hello World I've ever done, that's for sure 😅
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    Holy shit you guys are so nice! I'm going to break down & cry :'(

    @neeno OK I'll take your advice and check it out... right after I take this 2-week break to nurse myself back to sanity & health

    @ScriptCoded lol my hello world had memory leaks at 1 point, that was fun
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    This is amazing dude, it's always really motivating in my opinion to see other people making crazy progress and enjoying to code.
    Props to you mate.
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    Last time i checked, C++ was super popular.

    I would just only use it when speed is of the topmost priority as even the smallest mistakes can lead to remote code execution vulnerabilities.
    And then, Rust may actually be the better alternative as it at least has sensible default behaviours in a lot of cases where you would shoot yourself in the foot in C++...
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    Fucking hell this is legit cool! congrats bud! you kicked ass with this!
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    @Ranchonyx Thanks so much man! I didn't think people would be so supportive you're right it's motivating

    @Oktokolo Yeah, I think you're absolutely right. I actually ironically made a low spec game that doesn't remotely need c++'s efficiency, but it helped me learn I guess. The right way to do this on iOS would have just been to use Swift for everything. I just wanted to try it and I enjoyed it. I hear you on rust!

    @AleCx04 Means a lot man thanks for cheering me on!
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    Nice work

    This isn't really C++'s niche, but hey, who the hell cares. You made something cool and had fun. Make some more!
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    Dude... seriously a shitty HelloWorld app anyone can make in a blink of an eye......

    Lmfao I'm kidding , no no really I'm kidding. You can pull that knife out of my back now 😅 someone was bound to say it eventually 🤣

    this is amazing for a helloWorld app 🥰 you should be proud!
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    @C0D4 FML I'll do better next time lol

    @ReverendLovejoy ty reverend. That nick reminds me of the queen of the harpies bit from the simpsons btw
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    Wholesome rant!
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    @rooter I'm such a boomer i messed up the tags lol

    actually there's 1 member who used the blonde-lesbians tag on every post and I was trying to join his revolution
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    This is awesome!
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    Goddaaaamn! App in cpp? Looks amazing!
    I've always wanted to try this out - any links you could share?
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    @greengallop23 You mean on how to make an app in c++? For me I just watched javidx9 on youtube (big fan) and focused on making a game without graphics and at the end I linked it up to some Swift code ti turn it into an iphone app. You can call C or C++ methods directly from your swift code
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