Gather around kids, it's story time.

So my first breakup left me so damaged and I was in darkest phase of my life. I was alone. Physically, mentally, and emotionally. I went for therapy and spearheaded into success and grew in life soooo fucking much.

31st December 2016, I first joined dR and since the first day this place felt home. Met some of brightest mind and most amazing souls here (sadly many left the place).

I used to shit post and rant a lot. But I loved everyone here. But then I don't quite remember, but I decided to quit this place as community started to grow. Many others left as well.

I came back here in 2019 IIRC and started all over again. Got along well with new members and started having fun.

I used to crib and cry about being underpaid. Lost a kickass Europe job due to pandemic.

I will skip what all happened between me and @Scout but she is a sweetheart, though very rough and brutal with me at times (actually very often), but she is so selfish for me and cares for me that I couldn't resist but listen to her always. A lifelong friend for sure :)

I used to rant about my dumb office colleagues. Definitely not the sharpest minds but good people at heart (which I did not realise).

So in October 2020, I earned a new job and my company retained me with a 100% raise and a promotion making me lead of product innovation and UX.

November end I met a girl in professional context on LinkedIn who was conducting a workshop. Being hungry for learning, meeting new people and kill my lockdown boredom, I singed up.

Now I went for December break and my colleagues sent me a gift hamper when they came to know I got a promotion. I felt bad that I ranted about them so I deleted my account and also wanted a social detox.

Post the workshop, I started conversing casually with the girl I met. She was married. But things hit off. Eventually in February end I confessed that I had feelings for her and in next few days she reciprocated. I told her I was aware of her marital status and it's okay if nothing happens between us. Then she started to open up of how she was with one guy for 17 years and was abused in everyway and wanted to separate but never had the courage and all.

She decided to file for paperwork and then be with me. Things got messy when her family got involved thinking I was causing all of it.

She went back to her partner and I realised I had some emotional and mental issues of a person's past that bothered me. But we were overcoming it. Soon the honeymoon period started phasing out.

Her family started giving me death threats. We went underground even further. More arguments and fights between us.

@Scout kept telling me I was stupid and I disregarded her. I feel like an idiot for not listening to her.

That girl kept gaslighting me, hurting me intentionally, scratching the surface made me realise how broken and damaged she was. She lied to me and created fake persona of herself to make me fall for her. Everything was lie. Literally.

I felt horrible for trusting her. My trauma relapsed and I started having crazy panic attacks leading to self harm and being suicidal. That girl was drugged all the time with psychological medicines and very poor character & personality in general (I don't want to judge anyone but just stating the facts).

Eventually she just disappeared and I was like fuck this. Earlier, after every fight, she used to show fake affection and I used to melt but not this time.

I was like fuck this shit. I have some super amazing friends like @kiki who helped me overcome this. I started going for therapy and realised what all areas I need to improve. My therapist is soooo brilliant, she understands the root cause instantly and also knows how to fix it. And the same day I and both my parents were COVID-19 positive. Last few weeks were dark and haunting.

Further more, the girl comes back after a week and then acts as a 'nice girl'.
Initially fake affection, then drama, followed by making me guilt trip, then threats, and now blaming me.

I kept ignoring her calls (50 to 70 calls in a day), emails, left her unread on Telegram, and everything I could do to ignore her without blocking her. I started gaining my happiness back.

During this mess, I lost 5+ KG of weight. She has no friends in her mid 30s. Knows no life or survival skills. Her family hates her, no career, no emotional or mental maturity, literally nothing. Insanely dumb and toxic manipulative person who is not even worth being called an ex. As per her everyone around her is an asshole except her. Every time something happened, she used to blame and bad mouth the other person. Now she is doing with me. In all her life situations, either she was a hero or a victim. One upped me all the time. Now that I see it, I hate myself for allowing it all of it and now having enough self worth to walk out of it earlier.

Continued in comments...

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    I am so grateful that I came out of the mess. I rejected another EU offer for her. And was about to reject a kickass offer in a top brand of my favourite domain in India. Thankfully, the HR persisted that I join them even if I want a month extra to recovery, they'd allow. I picked it up and will start in June :)

    So if I compare my salary before October 2020 with June 2021 salary, I got an 750% raise in salary with a dream job scenario (as of now but not rushing yet to celebrate). Hah! I was that underpaid for years that the new company didn't even ask for old salary or I didn't even have to negotiate.

    Recovering well overall and started focusing on life. I am feeling too many emotions right now and might make some more shitty posts here but I am grateful to have you all amazing people in my life.
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    Another thing, she was a stalker and made me paranoid. Invaded all my safe spaces on internet. Thankfully, I did not indulge with her in anyway as it was remote. She even stalked my ex and kept comparing herself to my ex. Was overly jealous and possessive about me.

    If she finds that I am here, she will surely create an account to get my attention (because that is all she wants, free attention and emotional support without giving anything in return). But you all know me from years and I am sure community will stand by me and get her out of this place if she ever comes here. This place is my home and I cannot let anyone invade it :)

    Thank you all for being here for me and with me.

    Lots of love and good vibes to everyone,
    Floyd :)
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    Currently volunteering for a COVID project and preparing myself for the new job and creating a healing environment for myself.

    Might be away for sometime so expect delays.

    I miss you all terribly :)
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    @Floydimus I have heard a lot about you. People here like you very much, hope you will not do this again
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    >I have heard a lot about you.
    Haha feels good to hear this.

    >People here like you very much
    I am humbled by their love and support.

    Nice to meet you bro :)
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    @Eklavya Seems like the real person
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    @theabbie How can you say I am not an imposter, eh?
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    @Floydimus You know too much about Floyd, either you're a dedicated identity thief, seems unlikely, or, you're real Floyd, I will keep looking for hints and bust you if I ever find the truth.
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    @theabbie Like we busted your Github, eh?

    Ah! good to see you back in action.
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    @Floydimus proven, you're real, we have lots of green dots shitposting nowadays, show them your wise words.
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    @theabbie Let's not forget I am the ultimate shitposter here. That title belongs to me :)
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    "Post the workshop, I started conversing casually with the girl I met. She was married. But things hit off."

    Hindsight and all mate, but that should have been the ultimate red flag. You were bound to end up in a sticky situation one way or another over that.

    Still, live and learn & I'm glad you're doing much better now!
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    Hell that was a story Floyd, things I never knew. But then I never made real friends here. Still, welcome back to one of the few places I know where people still treat each other with respect.
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    @AlmondSauce Oh yes. I never knew how she walked me into the shit but showing temporary and that to fake affection. Lesson learned that never mingle who isn't single.

    @ScriptCoded Yeah bro. Good to see you. How you doing?
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    Flooooyyyd!!!! Nice to see you back here! I'm happy to hear about your raise and good job. Even tho I didn't know you that long(only your post 2019 account) I still missed you and glad to see you back, and don't worry, if anybody comes here to harass you, they'll very quickly find themselves to be the harassed ones. Love you bro!
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    @SoldierOfCode Damn bro! y'all make me emotional as always.

    How have you been man? Got vaccinated eh? ;)

    How's it going in Israel now?
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    @Floydimus Haven't got a vaccination yet, but everything's great! Israel's kind of a dumbsterfire rn, but we're always like that, so relatively things are going well xD
    Wanna join our Discord server?
    (Yes! We're still alive and going strong!)
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    @SoldierOfCode Oh! I thought the country vaccinated all of their citizens.

    Haha media projects everything so wrong. Every nation is more or less same.

    Not on Discord bro, maybe when I create a login there, I'll. Thanks for asking :)
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    @rEaL-jAsEs I love you too asshole. How have you been?

    Been years since we last spoke :)
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    @Floydimus Things are good, it's nice to have you back :)
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    This is not an impostor. @Floydimus you’re an amazingly strong person and how you combine that with being THAT kind and nice is what inspires me the most and honestly I don’t even consider trying to reach your level. You’re amazing.
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    @jespersh feels good to talk you again :)

    @ScriptCoded more power to you :)

    @kiki I learned being strong from you bro. You have been my inspiration since long :)
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    hmm so this can be share on this platform too. gr8
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    @rox79 what is that you cannot share here?
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    Welcome back, sweet pea.

    Glad you survived the shit show. Jesus christ....

    Wish you all the best, keep on going.

    *have some cookies*
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    Bava ❤️

    It was good surprise seeing “Floydimus ++’d your comment” notifs.

    Fuck that girl!
    We be team!
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    I hope you and Your Parents have recovered from Covid19. Please take care and stay safe
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    Welcome back, Floyd! 😉 Yes, gaslighters don't deserve your light!!!
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    @IntrusionCM Thanks bro. Feels awesome to be back :)

    @scout I like you too :)

    @Cyanide Broooooo!!! Hahahaha yes pleasant surprise. Nooo don't even want to touch that girl haha..

    @domfoo haha community is good here. Nice to meet you, I am Floyd who loves art, peace, and good vibes :)

    @asgs hey homie! how have you been? Yeah both my parents and I recovered well. Thanks. All good on your side?

    @vintprox hiyaaaa buddy!!! supp! Surely ignoring her. Let's have a group call someday again. Hah!
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    @Floydimus I'm doing good :-) Great to hear that!
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    @domfoo Yes, you have been here before?
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    @domfoo Glad you are here mate :)
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    LoL it’s interesting @Eklavya summoned @theabbie for verification. 😂
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    Welcome back @Floydimus !!
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    @-red Hahaha TheAbbie rules nigga.

    Thanks bro. How have you been? How's the lockdown treating you?
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    @Floydimus Not too bad.

    Glad to see you pulled through all that crap. That’s quite a story.
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    @-red My life is an adventure dude. Haha!

    Any contact of @Teknas?
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    @Floydimus Noooo. It’s most likely the last you heard from him was the last I heard from him too. He hasn’t posted/upvoted anything in almost a year.
    Either inactive or just observing haha.👀
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    @-red YEah must be
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    @OmerFlame Hey little champ!!!!! How have you been?

    I wanted to text you on Telegram but was not in the right mind do so?

    Got the vaccine? How's school going?
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    1. I am doing well!
    2. I got vaccinated (fully, both shots)
    3. 89 in the last pre-final before finals in maths, 91 in English!
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    Hahaha I loved how you responded in pointers.

    1. Good to hear
    2. Aha! heard about yesterday's attack. I hope there is peace soon
    3. Damn!!!! you are nailing it man. Go forth and do well :)
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    Long story you wrote there, my life's been crazy too, we should meet and catch up 🤙
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    @Teknas Same place?

    @-red you coming too right?
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    @Teknas long time no seige !!

    @Floydimus Aww man. I wish I could but I’m not in Mumbai anymore. 🙁
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    @-red will miss you and send our food bills your way :)
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    @Floydimus sure same place
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    Bit late but glad to have you back.
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    @Ranchonyx So happy to see you again bro.

    How you doing? Got vaccinated? How's school going?
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    @Floydimus People got infected even after they are vaccinated
    No use of it :(
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    @Floydimus doing good Mate, vaccinations still slow as f in Germany, school's decent enough.
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    @Ranchonyx If Germany is facing challenges then I can only imagine how long it will take for my nation.

    @Eklavya Back to gaumutra?
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    @Floydimus No no no no, But it's taste is good
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    @Floydimus what a freaking roller coaster, glad you are out of it
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    @drekhi12 Yeah bro. Survived a mess.
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