Me after a good day at work: “Hmmmm… I like it here. I can stay for at least a year”

Me after a bad day at work: “Fuck this. I should apply for jobs elsewhere. Fuck Capitalism”

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    Fuck Capitalism. Fuck Capitalist. Fuck Taxes.

    - Me, every 2 hours.
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    Not sure how capitalism is related here, since in communism youre assigned to a job by government and cannot choose or apply for other jobs easily
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    Capitalism: your life is what you make out of it. You trade your skills and efforts for capital, and that capital for others’ skills and efforts. Your fate is your own and is reliant upon your efforts and very little else. You can do (or be) anything so long as you are good at it. You may leave at any time.

    Communism: your life is determined by the government / those in power, and is nearly impossible to change. You trade your labor for necessities. You do what you are told or you disappear. You blend in or you disappear. You cannot leave.


    The US, or how it used to be: if you work, you get paid and can buy whatever you like, or invest the capital. The better you are at your work, the better you can be paid. If you don’t work, you get fired and must find another job, or start another company. If you continue to not work, you end up homeless and must resort to begging to afford food (or rely on alms). Your fate is up to you and your efforts. You are free to leave at any time.

    The USSR under communism: if you work, you can eat. Changing jobs is rare, and nobody really cares about the quality of your work so long as it gets done. Working harder is not rewarded. There is very little, if anything, you can buy; most things are “purchased” using rations or vouchers, or barter if you have something to trade. If you don’t work, you starve, or you are sent to a labor camp, and/or you’re shot. Your fate is up to the government. If you try to escape: you’re sent to prison or shot.


    There are various blends of these, too. Some are decent, some are not, and some are hell. None of them are paradise, but some absolutely are paradise compared to some others.

    For blends: In China, people earn money but still have very little control over their lives. In Sweden, money means significantly less but citizens have more control in their lives.
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    Have a job freedom that is created by capitalism -> fuck capitalism…
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    @Root at least in the later years your description of the USSR is quite off to my knowledge. I know some people who used to live under the regime and apparently choosing a craft was quite up to you and your talents, and you were allowed to do things like teaching at school about your craft voluntarily. But of course this is anecdotal evidence so idk.
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    Also, while I do not like capitalism, this is not one of the reasons to hate it.
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