Devrant mentioned in our Databases course! 😱

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    Sql devs rant most!
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    Wow! That's some good data
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    Ruby master race
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    Wtf Objective-C -79,9%?!
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    Nice! We'll have to make a new data visualization soon, something fun
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    @Fenix it seems like an utter lie I could go one for ages ranting about obj-c lol
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    @trogus make sure "vertically align middle" is a separate category 😂
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    Couldn't this data also represent that the community is made up of mostly devs who have to use SQL? Is Ruby actually less ranted about, or are there just less Ruby devs who are on devrant? 🤔
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    @f03n1x before you rant about something you have to actually use it... it just means that obj-c is a shit ass deprecated grandpa language that no one uses anymore :p
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    @nicbovee can confirm there are many ruby devs. Ruby is nice tho, nothing to complain about
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    @lexxer I do use it, and have so for most of the months I've been at my job.

    It's such an odd language, It would have been better to just hide the c++ and c code or use obj-c as a wrapper.

    Or have it so you need to make a file for each part of the language, so you can't just mix and match c, c++ and obj-c
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    @Fenix they obviously haven't got devRant yet 😉
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    Next course in databases: how to fix what you did in the previous chapter.
    Last chapter: DevRant.

    When all else fail, who you're gonna call?
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    For easy access from this post.
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    That's fair. SQL can be pretty annoying sometimes.

    If @something <> null
    @youre = 'hosed'
    @youre = 'still hosed'
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