Hey here we go:)
My first comic series - “DevStory”

A story of two devs aiming at changing the world’s impact about cryptos by their own token project.

Bugs, cheap scammers, money, flying unicorns and a lot of laughs!
(Episode 1)

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    *based on true events?
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    printMoney! 😃
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    @netikras yep;) Felt it so draw it
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    @akshar hey no fiat money;)
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    @PolyWuk I will give you 3 chickens and a bushel of corn if you make me a WordPress website.
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    @bittersweet what if I’m a veggieᶘ ᵒᴥᵒᶅ
    Thankfully I’m not.
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    @PolyWuk ok... So does that solve the fundraising issue then ????
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    My opinion: Unless you have a damn good reason to offer a decentralized system, your ledger might as well just be an SQL table.

    You might disagree with Paypal as a company, but they do not need blockchain to make payments work. Uber is not without flaws, but they make delivery contracts happen without smart contracts.

    Blockchain could offer solutions for decentralized supply chain monitoring. Things like textiles or coffee can be plagued by bad labor conditions or even slavery, have a lot of intermediate trade, and pass through many corruptible systems -- so things like "fair trade" certification is a hard problem.

    Building some form of trust in enforcement, signing off on batches of products and a clear trade/shipment history in a decentralized cross-boarder ledger, is useful.

    But "Art" NFTs?

    Crypto coins to buy virtual hats in a computer game?

    Smart contracts for plots of land in the metaverse?

    Fuck, it's at best a useless hype, at worst a shameless scam.
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    @ajinxs for the rest you need to keep following;)
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    @bittersweet blockchain and web3.0 will be the trend for sure, their existence belong to the future. 2021 is just a start for it.
    I know many are doubting the value creation of this technology considering the uncountable “trading”&”buying” mania of digital assets because I was one of them too:)
    Even though blch tech is used in different sectors, despite supply chain control there’re also implementation in SEG, like documentation of patients’ information in a much safer way for healthcare sector. Further more, blockchain can be the best solution to alleviate poverty. We know still 30% of the world’s population live without bank accounts.

    Why not many people are aware of these applications:) because of its bad image. We think crypto = speculation = dummies following hype = overvalue.

    That’s the reason why we start our project.

    To share knowledge and diminish fear.
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    People without bank accounts is because of lack of infrastructure.

    There are plenty of online-only banks which operate without blockchain.

    To decrease poverty and provide banking services, you need cheap reliable internet and cheap reliable power networks.

    Blockchain technologies tend to need that as well, without providing many additional benefits over a centralized server, a HTTPS login and a 2 factor authentication of a classical bank.

    In some countries, fiat currencies are very unstable, but you might be better off buying €/$/£ for your inflating currency instead of crypto's.
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    @bittersweet hey dude I like being pushed by your argument;)

    Firstly the reason: many wish to have a bank account but it’s impossible because they are lack of credentials. Banks will never go for that risk.

    Secondly, for sure:) internet becomes the most fundamental infrastructure. We need them for all. Not only blockchains but also smart city, education Instituts, healthcare systems. That’s the ongoing problem of the society. Blockchain alone doesn’t aggravate it.

    Thirdly, PayPal functions with need of authenticators, which requires manual additional work and limits of transactions.

    Blockchain or defi in general solves the problem that online banking is facing for decades.

    By the way I sense you are not really in favor of cryptos;) stay tuned, I need your comments for the coming episodes. No one is perfect, but I’m ready to know what I can improve
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    @GeorgeBool hey you! Exactly that’s the point!
    Please allow me to refer to our global warming problem:
    CO2 too high in the air, no problem, we produce less. No fossil fuels permitted anymore.

    But the cause is the heating. And where’s the heat coming from: we human beings need energy!

    But we can’t forbid people consume energy so let’s stop CO2 as much as we can and see what’s gonna happen…
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    Well, I'm not against cryptos.

    I was one of the earlier Bitcoin miners, started mining around 2009/2010 at ~$0.1, sold all of it over the course of 2013.

    I bought my house with slightly over 1K BTC, then ~€150k.

    Also, to be clear: I'm NOT salty towards crypto because "I could have had >€50 million".

    Couldn't care less.

    I used to be hyped, because at the start it was believed that transactions would end up faster than bank transfers (back then a few days) and cheaper than Paypal (about 3%). Neither promise has really come to fruition, at least not for BTC.

    Then there is the huge energy drain -- And energy is a scarce, potentially polluting resource.

    I'm aware that there are alternative coins which try to patch these issues.

    And I think the tech is certainly interesting, even if only academically.

    But I'm more and more convinced that for almost all applications, blockchains and related tech is a perfect example of "overengineering".
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    @bittersweet amazing man, you are the early adopter!

    These issues such as high transaction fee, negative environmental impact or frenzy trading are usually resulted by network congestion. Once a coin is overhyped, people rush to it. It’s a psychological thing rather than a technical.

    I totally agree with you. After knowing that you experienced the hype personally, have believed(are believing) changes in a good way are occurring:)

    Let’s see together what’s gonna be, the future with blockchain;)

    Sounds like you’re based in eu: Good morning:)
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    Maybe in the future there will be more legit uses for blockchain.

    But it's undeniable that blockchain requires more computation than a centralized solution, with an SQL table called "transactions".

    Event sourcing is a great way to keep a consistent history as well, you don't always need a "whole democracy" to decide whether a transaction is valid. An authoritative decision is always more efficient.

    Like I said, there are certainly use cases. When you can't trust any authority, for example.

    Supply chain tracking, medical data, and yeah in certain cases even currencies.

    But please explain to me why Nike thinks "selling virtual shoes in the metaverse" is a sane thing.


    To me, NFT smells like a bubble which will collapse hard in the near future.
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    @bittersweet I don’t get it too.. as well as the trend with metaverse.

    But that’s we human beings = social animal => following the crowd.

    It’s a question about being filtered in or filtered out:p
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    Yeah, but I think when you run a company, you always have to get back to the question: "Does this actually help us solve a real problem?".
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    @GeorgeBool the issue is which blockchain on this regard is inefficient by design, while the capacity of a centralized system increases linearly with the number of servers the capacity of Bitcoin or Ethereum remains the same with 10, 100, 1000000 nodes, there are just more people which competes for the block reward, burning energy in the process. It’s not the same.
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    @bittersweet sometimes companies don’t even need to solve problems to thrive. They just need to create problems, exaggerate their importance, and brag.
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    Have you heard of stablecoins? No on is proposing anyone to acquire goods and services via BTC or ETH. That would be straight up retarded. Look at these coins as stocks not as a currency.
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    Current use cases of NFTs are really dumb. I do agree on that, however, I think people are just experimenting with technology at this point and time and actual use cases will come later on.

    E.g. NFT as tradable authentication key.
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