Thread about Quality Analysts/Testers!

I've seen that Managers and HR get a lot of shit thrown their way but I'm surprised to see no love for our QA friends

What was your worst experience with a QA/Software Tester? When was the last time you felt like punching your monitor over an argument with them?

If you're a QA, what has been your worst experience with developers?

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    I love my QA's

    We argue all the time, and we joke they they broke a feature, I'm just here to fix it.

    Some devs absolutely hate QA's but they also can't take ownership of their own mistakes either 🤷‍♂️
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    Sporadic bug happens. Shit dev thinks being unable to reproduce means not having to fucking fix it.

    Reproducible bug happens. Shit dev doesn't understand the root cause and introduces weird, fucked-up hacks that mask the bug by accident.
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    I know this isn’t a thread about managers but…
    managers are probably responsible for most of the tension between devs and QA people. If bugs are frowned upon by managers, then yeah devs may be resentful toward testers.
    If bugs are considered to be a normal part of the development cycle, then there’s no reason for devs to fear a new ticket being opened by QA.
    Usually if my QA asks me "hey is this normal or not?", if it isn’t I’ll just reply by saying: "nope, you can open a ticket for that". The PO then decides if it should be treated in the current sprint or if it can wait; end of story
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    Sounds like your company has cultivated quite a lot of camaraderie between the devs and QA. That's great!

    Sadly, my personal experience with most QAs (except a very few) has been terrible for the most part. Some of my pet peeves are:

    1. When they post about a bug on the team channel instead of raising a jira ticket or at least DMing me. Nobody's handing them a medal for every bug they announce.

    2. Many are terrible at bug reporting (which should be an essential part of their job). All they do is say, "This page is broken, please check" and throw in a screenshot if I'm having a lucky day. I can pay a schoolkid to do that.

    3. Some are just over-zealous. They frequently interrupt internal demos and discussions raising irrelevant points that can be asked in private and raise bugs without bothering to do basic research.

    I still remember this from a few years ago, "It says I can only attach a JPEG file but I was able to attach a jpg file". I wish I was joking about this lmaooo
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    Biggest obstacle has always been to get them to gravitate towards test automation over manual testing. They’ve been stuck in their old ways for so long, the changes can be quite intimidating. Once they see they are capable, they’ve generally been able to adapt and be productive. Even those who don’t have a very technical background.
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    I love it when QA approves some change which obviously doesn't work (like the code which is supposed to check some config value isn't even there). Then when they're supposed to review a simple (and painfully obvious) one-line fix, they make a big deal out of testing it thoroughly. Bitch, the whole fix is just "&& !config.skipThisCheck", what's the worst that could happen, a broken feature is still broken? I've already wasted days because you missed this bug when you had all the time in the world to review it, just get the fix through asap so I can get back to the client.
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