I've told this one before, but the guy had his platform bought with a promise of partnership. they kept stalling the contract, and he would repeatedly ask when he was gonna get paid his share, and eventually they said "we never promised that". he deleted everything from the team's computers, revoked all access and left. since there was never a contract, they didn't do anything about it

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    Good on him! 😂
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    Wait, he shared code before even having a contract? wtf...
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    @PonySlaystation idk the whole thing was very weird, verbal agreements and all. at first he accepted postponing the contract because of the holidays (nothing here works during the holidays) but months passed and he still didn't have the contract, so he waited a long time before leaving, lots of benefit of the doubt
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    Dangerous. Verbal contract is a thing at the court. It's a common misconception that only the written word has a weight in a juristical sense. Depending on what they talked each Party could have sued the other one.
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    @horus yeah but he had the email exchange saying he was owed 5% of the profits
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    In this case, instead of deleting everything I would have sued them to the ground.
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    @horus Legal battles are draining both financially and mentally so it's not always a good solution for a lone individual (or small company) to sue

    Same reason so many trials were the accused party is clearly guilty, end up with a settlement outside the court. You can press on, but you consume yourself in the process with no guarantee of bigger return (or even equal, for even mildly corrupt judicial systems) against a party that has people paid exactly for this
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