I feel like resigning from a company that i joined 3 weeks back.

I don't like to code in PHP and the manager wants to stick on to that , no new developers joining the company and php is one of the reason. The code is a mess. Every now and then some other team come running for a change like one button to do some shit and then for a fix after 15mins of release.

So many database operations are happening manually. No innovation in the team. Developers are very boring , women being senior developers and team leads brings stability but there is no innovation , excitement or any enthusiasm. All my team members are very happy doing mediocre shit. Manager talks about agile development and they are following that at a level where every half a day some requirement changes.

I m tired of being a developer that fixes the same mediocre shit.

Its too boring.

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    Not going to assume anything, but can you explain what you mean by "women being senior developers"
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    @Frederick mostly them handling lot of stuff like planning with managers , taking requirements and making team work on that. They are good at their job but nothing new comes out. They keep doing the same shit, they don't try to innovate. Indian women think differently.
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    @Frederick make assumptions they’re probably correct lmao
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    Make a plan and suggest to refractor it with new shit.
    But honestly, i live php, my clients still jave their websites online i made them in 2010-2014. With my angular and node projecty now, after 2 weeks 20% of the libraries are obsolete and u must update it all.
    Php is very stable, and with php7 u got all the goodies of any modern langage.
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    @Frederick I think the sentence got misinterpreted, since the whole sentence(until the next punctuation) is "Women being senior developer and team leads bring stability but there is no innovation, "
    But I might be wrong.
    (Not that I think that women bring stability while hindering innovation, but I think it was just a poorly structured sentence)
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    Or that he meant that specifically the women where he works with are not innovative.

    Or maybe I'm just trying to see a good opinion where there is none because I'm naive and tend to default to "people are nice and good"
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    @devapsarl I hope you meant PHP 8+ lol
    7.4 is already in LTS and getting EOL by the end of this year...
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    @SoldierOfCode Honestly i was thinking the same.
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