If I hear the word "techie" one more time from management, I'm gone lose my shit!!!

I don't go around calling them "managies" all day!!!

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    Been seeing a lot of 🤡s on here lately. A looot of them.
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    Clownies 🤡
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    How about Mungies, Managies is too long mangies implies masculinity.
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    If you're not junior enough for them to just kick you outta the room, then please do lose it next time, and have a short rant ready to go too... Heck it'll probably up your rep even!
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    @notroot It is my secret wish for them to take over.

    Also, I rage and post too much and work too little.
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    On god if a company refers to me as a "code monkey" I'm immediately sending off my resignation.
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    Sounds like you haven't eaten your brekkie this morning /s
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    @LotsOfCaffeine "Code monkey" is the official term for a craftsperson creating code by using a copy-paste-adapt workflow without actually performing the research and development part that is commonly associated with software development. Current web industry uses orders of magnitude more code monkeys than actual software developers.

    The term might sound a bit derogatory. But software developers are absurdly inefficient and burn out quickly when doing code monkey work. So current web economy wouldn't be possible without code monkeys.
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    techie is slightly better than "resource"
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    @Oktokolo well I'm far off web development, I'll keep to call myself engineer
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    @LotsOfCaffeine I'm afraid douchebags (douchies?) would call you "engie"
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    I mean managies is tad long... I prefer Nagies, since they do nag a lot ;D
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    @JsonBoa I've played team fortress, that's a compliment in my book
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    I would just call them “maggies”
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    Sounds agressive
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