I keep a bag of cookies at my desk that contain rum. I only eat one whenever i get asked a really dumb question. (See my last rant)
On my way to become permanently drunk at work!

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    Are you wanting us to ask you dumb questions?
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    You should keep a bottle of rum just to wash them down with.

    And in another drawer, the rumham.
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    @root relevant 😁🥃
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    Fantastic idea!

    I generally mix limoncello in my energy drinks. Tasty and makes me less stressed.
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    Rum is fine. Javascript devs eat Tide pods.
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    I walked on the office of boss once. Saw this bottle of rum on his desk next to the screen. Didn't asked questions.
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    @Demolishun Not yet..

    Do I have to mix them with alcohol though, considering I use other languages as well?
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