Just when I had almost fallen in love with this new job which I started 8 months ago, this happens.

My “manager” had conversation with me. He was complaining that my work is of poor quality (objectively speaking, it is not). I don’t even directly work with this manager anymore. He “leads” this big project and he really wanted me to get involved in it but I struggled because it’s a big codebase and I was a new joiner. Months later, a new project was started and I worked on the backend for it. And I really liked that project more as I literally wrote it from scratch. And even the “mangers” for that project was a bit chilled out.

Now, the first “manager” kept trying to involve me in the first project but new requirements kept popping up in the second project and I was happy to work there. Somewhere down the this, this irked the first “manager”. Also, the company is known to be very cheap with salaries (a good work culture though) and they are paying me more than others since I switched from another company to work there. So they are probably expecting more output for the salary they are paying me. That seems to be the main problem here.

Obviously this first “manager” has never worked a development job before, let alone reviewing my code or something. So I was confused after this conversation. He’s asking me if I noticed these issues in my work and how I can do better and I bluntly replied no, I don’t see any issues in my work. He said he’ll speak to me again on Friday (2 days from now) and expects me to give an answer about how I can improve and stuff. He seems to be power-tripping do so I’ll probably be firm about my position. Will probably mention the money part as well.

It sucks that I left a corporation because of work culture issues and joined this smaller company. And I see the same corporate disconnect cropping up here.

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    Think about the things he will see as a problem with your performance.

    Bring them up first, dominate the call.

    Then bring up an itemized list of products and services you have built and supported. Look specifically at how you have supported business initiatives and helped the company grow.

    At the end of the call tell him you plan on sending your notes to HR and ask for an evaluation on your performance.

    You won't hear from this jackass again because he isn't involving HR at all, and once they realize what's going on he's going to be "talked to".

    Fuckwits like that rarely think two steps ahead of them when they throw their weight around and expect everyone to cower in fear.
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    how can he say your work is of "poor quality" when he has never developed or reviewed code on his own?
    pin him down to define exactly what he means by poor quality, make him give concrete examples of your implementations, let him explain why this is poor quality.
    if he can't do that, what should you improve then, if he cannot tell you WHAT to improve?
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    @sariel 100%
    I absofuckinglutely hate having to “justify” my job like that but when I do I go for the jugular. Fuck incompetent ass covering management.
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