Most web developers don't seem to care at all about ecological footprint and UX/UI impact on people and society, like they never cared about accessibility either, desperately dreaming to work for the Californian oligopoly companies that shaped our current digital infrastructure.

Meanwhile, rivers run dry, forest are burning, people starving and soldiers killing people.

But politics is taboo, even on devrant. Let's post a funny thank-God(?!)-it's-Friday GIF animation instead!?

What kind of people do we want to be?

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    This will probably be my last post here. Have a nice time "you guys" XD
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    Fuck you and your soapbox you “i am better than yall” piece of shit
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    If you care about the environment and don't write all your code in c, then you're a fraud. You probably annihilated an entire rain-forest just with your PHP code mate.

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    @NickyBones I know this has been discussed before, but how can they seriously include TS in this study since it’s compiled to JS? The only place where those results are relevant are on the developers computer (CPU/energy required to compile to JS). But when the final product is built and shipped its just plain JS.
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    Stupid fake virtue signaling. I am not personally responsible for the collective decisions of all humanity. No single person is. But if we keep acting like they are, we’ll find ourselves in a new holocaust where some “benevolent” world government starts eliminating individuals and whole populations. Because “the planet” or something. But the bureaucrats and elites won’t share in that burden. They’re safe. Along with their mansions and private jets.
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    Thankfully they don’t, can you imagine being a UI/UX dev constantly crying about your designs consuming energy as the competitor gets something cool?

    Its not devs nor designers. It’s the ducking system we live in. Capitalism and the stupid need to found concurrent companies to sell the same shit a billion times and call it competition, while its mostly marketing trying to brainwash people into buying stuff they already have or to buy stuff at 3x the price throwing fake shit on the competitors or pretending to have benefits others don’t give you (while they actually do).
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    @NickyBones That’s really interesting! (Kind of dated though.). I’d love to see some more recent numbers on them.
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    @stackodev "starts eliminating individuals and whole populations"

    Starts? What exactly do you think happened from 2020 to 2022? The food supply is in danger, and the forced uptake of 2 bioweapons around the world. This is already in progress.

    Or you can believe what the masses are being told: it is normal for children to die from heart disease.

    Bracing for impact...
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    @NickyBones PHP is not the worst 🥳

    I knew Python was bad for the world... just not that bad.
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    @C0D4 Yeah, Python is the worst :) But the OP mentioned PHP in his bio so I pointed this out
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    Ok Greta.
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    @NickyBones at least a link to the whole infamous "study" after I saw that table being quoted over and over. How they ran TypeScript as an "interpreted language" and got worse values than "JavaScript" (which version? which engine?) is one of the more striking details to question the whole methodology. But they do have a point. Sometimes, switching languages or introducing a low level language library for certain tasks can save a lot of energy / execution time / or even both.
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    Logged into devRant once more, only to check about Figma, and found some new comments on this thread as well, thanks!

    But still, devRant is worse than twitter in a way. Too much negative energy, so I'm logging off again.
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    @fraktalisman You're a developer, I am sure you can google it?

    But assuming you can't manage on your own


    You can find a link to the paper there + more useful information
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