Fuck you, Nvidia. Uhm no, this time not from Torvalds, but EVGA: they're fed up with Nvidia's antics towards their AIB partners. No 4000 series EVGA GPUs anymore.

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    Was ist aib ?
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    Add-in board. The usual term for discrete graphics cards in the GPU industry.

    And EVGA is for Nvidia cards what Sapphire is for AMD ones: doesn't get better than that.
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    hey when they estimate a laptop as having a wearout point of 3 to 5 years how much power on time are they saying ?

    my laptop has been on less than 125 days grand total since i bought the thing.

    only a few small things need some maintenance.

    like i've opened and closed the lid alot. so the bezel may be wearing out.
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    And btw., the core issue is that Nvidia doesn't think the partner manufacturers contribute anything useful. Better cooling solutions, fans, VRMs, whatever - nope.

    Nvidia just hinks: why do we give them our chips instead of making all the profit ourselves? Nvidia is not after delivering value, only after grabbing money.

    Looks like they bet that without custom partner models, people would just buy the Nvidia stock models anyway.
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    Shame. I bought 1060 gt 6 gb from them for very good price. We need more competition as usual.
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    Even though EVGA said, they wont produce Graphics cards anymore, i still kinda hope, they start making RnD towards creating their own chip arch, and becoming a competitor that way.
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    @thebiochemic That's way beyond EVGA's capabilities. Even Intel is seriously struggling.

    Also, going AMD is out of question because AMD's overall market share is low, and within that low market share, EVGA would have to compete with e.g. Sapphire and their Nitro edition.
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    That hurt.
    I was thinking of switching to a EVGA in the next gen I'm buying. One big plus was theirngreat customer Service and easy handling of RMA.
    Do you think buying a remaining RTX 30X0
    from them is a good idea, or could them ditching GPUs be a problem there?
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    @Katakompe They said they would hold up their service level for the stuff that they sold. Since they know their defect rate, they can calculate how much reserve RMA stock they'll need. Whether that will work out remains to be seen ofc.

    Then again, I'd wait for AMD's RX 7000 XT series and see how that fares. If that's good, Sapphire would be a premium AIB partner on the AMD side, probably comparable to EVGA for Nvidia.

    If nothing else, more competing cards from AMD may force Nvidia to lower the prices for the tons of RTX 3000 series chips they still have - instead of holding them back to create an artificial shortage and keep the prices up like they're doing now.
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