• Manager : WTF did you push, now it keeps crashing all the servers.

• Me : (silent, I'm trying to speak but nothing is coming out. Felt like someone in coma).

• Someone else shouts at boss : Now we now have 47 major crisis bridges​.

[I went running for the door to get away from everything.]

Only to find myself rolling on the floor tangled in my bedsheets after falling from my bed. Realized it was all but a nightmare.

Went to get some water. While taking the first sip...
Me: Shit, I'm late for work AGAIN.

Running for the door again. Then stopped to think if this is all some fuckin premonition. Hurriedly went for my phone to find out it's nothing but Sunday.

I'm thinking about a career switch now. No more devops once this is over.

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    Damn, sounds tough! Hope for youbthe tides turn fast.
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    Jesus man, try to chill a bit, take a break you're gonna burn yourself out
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    More money fixes a lot heh, heheheh
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    Shiiit, calm down bro. You have to relax a long, long time... Good luck :)
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    I used to have nightmares about stupid crap like that with the job I had in college...

    This is just an indicator that the job you have now isn't for you. As soon as you find the right one, they will subside. Good luck!
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    Get more sleep dude, that's a pretty messed up state of mind to be in.
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    And they wonder why there isn't enough devops, too much stress...
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    vacation! you need vacation! for a week or two dont even touch a pc, it will be all right
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