What's everyone second source of income?

Curious on how you started and money per month of average for it. Feel I should start working towards it in case of layoffs or just need of extra money.

Is freelancing on upwork worth it?

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    I help an ex-colleague with his project when I have some extra time. I got a decent hourly rate considering I'm completely free to plan my work and hours.
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    @Hazarth oh nice must be a great project
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    Well I give hand jobs behind the ponderosa on Tuesdays
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    Upwork sux. It requires by-the-second time tracking for logging work. Got a VAT number but barely use it, I just hate administration with a passion
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    @AvatarOfKaine used to be Thursdays, I wondered what happened to you.

    Phil misses you.
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    I have a spouse. We're married. He's required by law to provide for me. (We love each other is just a bonus.)
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    @fruitfcker 2 friends, 2 hands
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    @pandasama Actually it's a horrible monolithic project written in PHP that was started by a bunch of friends about 12 years ago and in that time several people were already working on it. So the code is mess and the codebase has over 10 000 files to manage.

    I already managed to do several refactors and remove thousands of lines and duplications, but it's still a pain to work it, especially since I essentially dislike PHP and JavaScript and this project is pure PHP and JavaScript xD

    But at the same time, considering the terms of being able to work on it essentially whenever I have the energy to do so makes it managable and the project is at least somewhat getting traction among clients, cause some money is rolling in, so it's not a complete disaster. The current team of people are all capable and I know most of them personally. So yeah. You win some, you lose some, but in the end, money is nice
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    @Hazarth pretty cool that you made all that tbh, nice one
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    My two cents:

    1) Do not use popular easy ways to "invest", I mean virtual currencies, NFT and other ponzy shit, same goes for trading(stocks, ETFs, etc), all that is just an illusion and you can loose whatever you have earned within minutes, no to mention gain won't cover inflation and taxes when you sell

    About what to do, i have no fucking idea, I guess the secret is to produce/sell something, anything that gives you any gain; but this is just my guess, the classic "keep money rolling".

    From my experience, I bought a house last year i Mexico city (am 40yo) and I get money from renting it (about $1,000usd a month), apart form that I have no much to say
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    @arcioneo Yeah in my experience so far too you're quite right, house ownership seems to be the best path as it is a necessity after all, even if it falls in value it can provide good rental income. Stocka and crypto have all but lost my money (specially these days) but I never invested heavily as I wanted to try out different strategies before committing more, none worked out.

    On home ownership, my only issue is mortgage and how banks basically own your soul until you pay it off, and it's almost impossible to save enough to buy in cash, but rent is just paying someone else's mortgage.

    One reason for side hustle was also to generate money to eventually get a mortgage and pay off as early as possible.
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    I started a YouTube channel and had 2 different companies approach me to help fix/refactor their product after they watched my videos.

    I am making an extra $650-$700 from it every month.

    I live in a third-world country so $650-$700 is kind of a big deal.
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